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8 Reasons Why Slab Leak Repair Is Vital

concrete slab leak repair

Slab leaks happen due to faults in the plumbing system or the malfunctioning of a sump pipe. Sometimes because of shifting in the soil or an uneven foundation, the slab tiles get disrupted, and the pipes underneath start breaking out, causing slab leaks around your home. If you have recently shifted to a house or have been living at an old property, you should get a plumbing inspection done by a professional.

When you notice water leaks on the floor around your house, the first question that arises in your mind can be, “How do you fix a leak under a slab?”. Well, this is what we are here for. There are numerous reasons why slab leaks occur and how they can put your health and safety at risk. Whenever you notice pools of water in your house, you should always cut off electricity and call for professional help. Slab leakage problems like a collapsed drain pipe under slab usually need a breakthrough to fix them from within. A professional slab leak detection specialist can help you better in fixing a slab leak than doing it yourself.

As you know, water is a good conductor of electricity, and water leakage anywhere in your house can make you and your family prone to electric shocks. You should never unsee water pipe problems and immediately call for professional help as soon as you notice any signs of water leakage from a slab.

Here are some signs that you should immediately get a professional slab leak repair service for your leakage problems:

Water damage:

A slab leak can detect much more than just a slab leak. It can also mean that your drainage system is faulty or has breakouts. It can ruin your foundation, walls, flooring, and even your furniture.

Water damage can easily rot wooden furniture, warp flooring, stain walls, and cause structural issues. Sometimes, ignoring signs of leaks or water damage can cause severe, irresistible damage to your house. Breaks in between pipes can severely compromise the layout of your foundation and cause uneven flooring. A professional plumber should be able to detect the source of the leak and avoid any future slab leaks or water damage to your home.

Safety risk:

You can easily detect probable slab leaks by looking for hot spots around your house. If you notice slightly wet or warm flooring, it may be a sign of slab leak breakout. Even tiny leaks can slowly create pools of water around your house. They can put you and your family at risk by making you prone to electric shocks.

Moreover, broken pipes underneath your foundation can create mold or bacteria infestation grounds. Mould causes irritation, allergies, and respiratory problems when inhaled around it.

This bacterial growth can spread all around your house, within the walls, and cause foul odors or health risks to your family.

leak repair by professional

Wastage of water:

Due to a delay in slab leakage repair, a lot of water can slip away, causing a huge amount of water wastage. A leaky pipe dripping water every 10 seconds can eventually waste up to a gallon of water by the time the day ends.

Understanding the importance of water, it is essential for us to avoid wasting any of it. Always hire EZ Leak Detection to fix water leaks because a tiny leak in the pipes can cause many irreversible consequences.

Contaminated environment:

Groundwater contains bacteria, insects, and even waste that goes down the drains. Leaking of water under the slabs can cause this groundwater to spread around your house. This dirty water can create a foul environment inside your house.

It can cause foul smells, mosquito breeding grounds, and even spots or stains around your flooring and walls. It is also unhealthy to stay around contaminated water because of health and safety reasons. To avoid this situation, a professional technician can help you easily detect the source and help with fixing water leakage from the slab in your house.

Damage to property:

Broken pipes or malfunctioning drainage systems can cause structural damage to your house. It can ruin your floors, walls, furniture, backyard, foundation, toilets, and even faucets. There are numerous pipes behind the walls of your house, and a small leakage in one of them can compromise the whole system.

A water leak in concrete slab floors can cause the concrete grounds to crack, shift, become uneven, and even sink because of water. Water buckles the floorboard if the leak has grown over time or has been there for a long time. Small leaks can easily cause permanent damage to property if gone unseen and no action is taken to fix them.

Floor damage:

Slab leaks are usually a result of a fault in the plumbing system in your house. It may be because of fault in the installation of pipes, malfunctioning of the system, poor quality of fitting, or corrosion in pipes.

If the leak has been avoided for a long time or has grown larger, then it can cause a bulge in your floor or damage your floor in the form of tiny warps. This damage, if not fixed immediately, can become irreversible, causing you to replace your entire flooring instead of just fixing the leak.

The constant sound of running water:

When slab pipes burst and start leaking, you might hear a constant sound of running water. In case of leaks around the house, you can always hear a humming sound of running water to dripping sounds which can become irritating after a certain point. As much as it wastes water, the constant sound also starts hurting your ears and becomes intolerable.

Why do pipes burst? Pipes can burst due to various reasons. It could be due to the increased pressure on them during very cold temperatures. A pipe burst can be caused when old pipes start developing cracks.

Rotting pipes:

Water highly contains some minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can be beneficial for health but at the same time can easily rot pipes when exposed for a long time.

You may have noticed small white or yellow flakes in your showerheads, faucets, and sink pipes after using them for a long time. This happens because of calcium present in hard water. It leaves certain amounts of deposit on your pipes and causes them to rot, malfunction, or damage permanently.


You can always have your plumbing system checked annually to keep your pipes functioning properly and avoid any risks of leaks or damage. Some uncertainties, like a flood or groundwater breakage, can also cause slab leaks around your house. And if you know the answers to “How do you fix a slab leak?” and “What causes slab leaks?”, you should be fine on your own. Sometimes, there can be certain types of damage that are fixable only by professionals, and fidgeting with them can only worsen the damage.

A small leak under your concrete slab can become a source of many problems, including the dangers to your health and safety. The common question that may arise in your mind is, “How do you find a leak under the floor?”. Some common signs of a probable slab leak include feeling warm spots on your floor before a break in the pipes, but sometimes they may go unnoticed.

A slab leak specialist can easily help you in detecting and fixing slab leakage. Moreover, with the help of a professional, they can guide you in fixing the water damage and tell you about the repairs that you can do to your plumbing system. You can get a permanent solution with the help of a professional slab leak repair service and easily avoid the situation in the near future.

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