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Commercial Slab Repipe Specialists Near You

by EZ Leak Detection A repipe specialists near you with exceptional craftsmanship

Are you in need of a commercial slab repipe specialist near you who can help you get rid of annoying recurrent slab leak repairs? Call EZ, the most experienced and trusted commercial property slab repipe specialists in San Diego. We have repiped thousands of commercial buildings since the inception of our business. Each project has strengthened our list of satisfied customers. This is because our services comply with industry standards. We know our customers deserve nothing less than superior craftsmanship and hence, have built a team of repiping experts with comprehensive knowledge, skill and experience. We use USA made, best material for repiping and thus have no issue in offering long-term warranty of our service and material used. Also, we background check thoroughly every plumber and contractor we hire to ensure high quality, reliability and safety in services delivery.

The EZ team of plumbers are available round the clock. Call us or contact us online for more details on the sewer pipe leak under slab in San Diego. We would be happy to answer your queries.

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    Repiping is something which you would not like to do many times to your property. So why not get it done by the most skilled and experienced crew? EZ ensures that each member of its slab repiping team has received comprehensive training on all aspects of slab repiping. Experience is another strong point of our team that makes us proud. Years of experience have made our plumbing technicians so swift in the repiping work that they are able to complete in a day what others would take days to complete. Our slab leak specialist in San Diego is certified, licensed and bonded. Based on our customer’s preferences, we do make sure that an English speaking senior supervisor is always present on the site of work to ensure quality job.

    There are numerous types of material that can be used for carrying out slab repiping work but we prefer to use only the best material since it has been our endeavour to provide long-term warranty to our customers on the material used. We use lead-free soldering material. Our plumbing technicians use quality pipes such as of hard copper or PEX for repiping. Each has its own strong points. We make our customers aware about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of material so that they are in a better position to take decisions.

    1.Copper Repiping for Slabs

    The benefits of these pipes are many.
    Most popular material for re-piping.
    Long term proven track record.
    Inhibits growth of bacteria and virus.
    Contaminant resistant.
    Resists burning.
    Doesn’t give out toxic gas during fire.

    2.PEX Repiping

    You could choose PEX repiping services too.
    comparatively less expensive.
    less complicated to install.
    less time consuming to install.
    quiet when installed.
    Better longevity than copper systems.

    3.Rerouting Pipes

    We also excel at rerouting slab pipes. The advantages are
    adds to your property’s resale value.
    easier to detect any kind of problems.
    easier to control pipe issues.
    prevents the threat of foundation damage.

    Save money, save time, enjoy peace of mind! Call EZ commercial slab
    repiping specialists
    to prevent recurring leaks and repair needs.

    Are you tired of repairing leaking pipes in the slab foundation of your commercial property? Are you getting foul smelling or rusty water from your taps? Does your property have aged galvanised piping or soft copper piping beneath the foundation? Are you having scalding issues? Are you experiencing low water pressure when multiple fixtures are being used?

    If the answer to any of these is yes, it’s high time you upgrade this elemental part of your commercial plumbing setup. Go for repiping. It is the most effective and permanent solution. Once repiping is done correctly, all your issues could vanish once and for all. On the contrary, if it is done shoddily, the amount of damage done will be huge and the expense of getting it repaired will be even greater. So never compromise on quality. Call EZ for carrying out slab leak solutions on your commercial property ‘the first right.’

    Repiping is an invasive procedure. It generates a lot of dust. We have especially trained our plumbing technicians to take care of the interiors of your commercial property while carrying out repiping. We make it a point to cover furniture and other exposed items with plastic sheets or cloth while working. At the end, we clean up all the mess before leaving the job site.

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    • Experienced and skilled technicians
    • Licensed, bonded and insured technicians
    • Proven track record
    • Lifetime transferable warranties
    • 24X7 availability
    • Quick response
    • Fast completion of job
    • Competitive rates
    • Clean job site after work

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.