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Toll Free Number : (844) 966-0955

We Provide The Best Leak Detection Services in San Diego, Orange County & Riverside California

Welcome to the best place for Slab Leak Detection Services in San Diego, Orange County and Riverside California. As a leading plumbing company, We offers a comprehensive range of leak detection services across California. From finding a leak in your plumbing lines in your home/business to a municipal main water line leak or gas line leak or notice slab leak , we have the equipment to tackle the projects as required by our customers. Unlike other major plumbing hazards, leaks can cause a great catastrophe at your home or business if they are not detected and tackled in a timely and professional manner. We help in detecting the leaks at the earliest. EZ Leak Detection offers a wide array of services in comparison with any other plumbing company in San Diego, Orange County and Riverside California in terms of quality, commitment, pricing and customer satisfaction.

4 Great Reasons Why Customers Choose Us
We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as we take leak issues seriously, and understand it may cause fatal destruction at your home. Customers need never hesitate in reaching out to us at any time!
We know that leak issues need instant attention! Upon intimation, we arrive at the customer’s home in a timely manner and try to detect the issue as soon as possible. Timely or early leak detection can save a lot of things including money, property, etc.
We provide free consultancy on plumbing issues even before any negotiation. From a free estimation to suggestions for preventing the leak, we help you to make your home leak-free, as you planned.
Our professionals never hesitate to go the extra mile to assist even when it is beyond the project’s timeframe. Our charges are competitive for any leak detection process. We also offer free 24/7 consultancy.


We are adept at critical and hidden leak detection - be it under the slab or foundation.
We understand your attachment to the home. Hence, we approach in non-invasive ways.
We specialize in all cutting-edge technologies to find the leak accurately and easily.

Leak Detection Services across California

As a leading Leak detection Company in San Diego, EZ Leak Detection offers you fast, secure and satisfactory services, which include a full range of leak detection services. Be it water heater leak, gas leak, or slab leak, or be it a residential, commercial or municipal issue, we have state-of-the-art equipment to provide leak repair services covering all aspects. You may call us even to have an inspection to prevent any prospect of a leak in any corner of your home.

Whenever you identify a hint of a leak at your property, don’t be late to call the experts to inspect and detect the leak in a professional manner. By being aware of the early signs of leaks, you can avoid a great catastrophe. Our professionals offer high-quality services from leak detection in slabs to water heaters across Orange County. So, whenever you are in search of a Leak Repair Specialist Company in Orange County, count upon EZ Leak Detection to assist you in detection or inspection.

EZ Leak Detection genuinely cares for every little issue while detecting a leak, that is the reason we stay at the top of the list of preferred Company for finding a leakage in Riverside. Our professionals come up with multiple solutions with the expertise and experience to detect the hidden leak without being invasive to your home. To have a leak detected at your abode without damaging any bit of the property, choosing our plumbers will be a wise decision. We encourage early leak detection to avoid massive casualties.

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