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With many years of experience in the plumbing business, EZ provides the best plumbing services in San Diego, CA, and its surroundings, as well. If anyone suspects a leak, then they can schedule a slab leak detection San Diego CA expert from us for the best plumbing service. Moreover, we cautiously select the best plumbing specialist for our company. These technicians are highly qualified and guarantee the right job done for our customers.

We are the one-stop-shop for all the plumbing needs of our clients. We offer various plumbing services to find the leak in the business or home. Our highly trained and experienced plumbers have broad training in dealing with gas leaks, sewer, and hidden water. The undetected leaks can cause severe problems to anyone’s homes or business place. It must be detected before it becomes a hugely expensive repair. Our skilled slab leak detection San Diego CA, expert, can easily access the cause and provides the best possible solution to get rid of this problem.

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    The State-of-the-art Technology Services for the Water and

    San Diego Slab Leak Detection Services

    Our proficient plumbers discover the leak quickly and find the exact source that helps businesses as well as homeowners in saving time, money, and hassle. We offer award-winning and optimum results, 24/7 hrs service at an affordable cost. The EZ leak detection is the most experienced leak detection company that is serving all the California and its surroundings with leak detection services for residential and commercial properties.

    1.Video Inspection System

    Whenever any client’s plumbing system is severely complex and outdated, then our video empowered inspection cable can handle any leak problem. Usually, the cable is very long and is capable of detecting leaks in complicated areas of pipes as well.

    2.Leak Noise Detection

    At the different points on the pipe, our ground microphones help our plumbing experts to listen and then compare the different noises of leakage. In this way, our technicians can determine the accurate location of the leak after balancing the information with the help of leak noise.

    3.Infrared Camera System

    We make use of infrared cameras that sends signals by penetrating slabs, walls, floors, and earth to detect any heat from the water, which is escaping the pipe. This heat is then converted into the electric signals, which in turn, are converted into an image by our camera screen.

    4.Helium tracing system

    By turning the water on and off, we can listen to the bubbles for pinpointing the source of leakage. When our specialists are close enough, they then inject the helium for verifying it.

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    Detect & Fix all Your Leaks

    The plumbing leaks can be very destructive and can cost you hundreds of dollars per day. It is very challenging. But our experts are always ready to accept any challenge. So, our experienced plumbers can easily pinpoint the exact location of the slab leak. The various symptoms of leaks are hot floors, mold growth, saturated walls/floors, high water bills, and structural damage. We are proficient in detecting and fixing them all.

    Our experts can repair leaks with a minimal amount of intrusion. Our repair specialists investigate and detect the problem and then recommend the best possible solution based on their findings. Furthermore, we offer emergency slab leak detection San Diego CA services 24 hours a day and seven days per week. We consider customers as our top priority and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our services are of top quality at very reasonable rates. We pride ourselves in keeping the disruption to a minimum.

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    Slab Leak Detection from EZ Leak Detection

    With many years of experience, the people trust EZ slab leak detection in San Diego, CA, to find the leak as fast as possible. Our plumbing experts make use of state-of-the-art technology for finding the leak very fast and accurate. From us, the client will be able to get an expert plan for repairing the leakage. One of the biggest benefits customers will able to get from us is lowering the higher water bills.

    Our skilled professionals use very specially and time tested equipment for finding the exact and quick leak so that they can be repaired accordingly. Moreover, our expert plumbers will also provide sound advice so that to look after the leaks.

    • Leaks found fast
    • Expert repair plan
    • Lower water bills
    • Special equipment
    • Sound advice
    • Best customer service

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.