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Water Leak Detection

Q. Where do most water leaks occur in a house?

A. Mostly water leaks in your house occur due to dripping faucets, leaking tubs, and showerheads. Although it’s not a very serious issue, it can increase your utility if left unattended for a long time.

Q. How long can a water leak go undetected?

A. Water leaks can go undetected for months as the source of leaks is not visible. Certainly, such leaks will impact your utility bills. If you experience any unusual increase in your utility bills, consult the EZ water leak detection professional to locate the leakage and get it fixed.

Slab Leak Repair

Q. I see a hot water spot on my floor, what shall I do now?

A. The hot water spot on the floor is a sign of slab leakage. To ensure it, turn off all the water sources and check the water meter. If the dial is still moving, certainly there is a slab leak. Call EZ emergency slab leak repair service to inspect and fix the leakage on time. We will reach your home in an hour and offer an effective solution to the problem.

Q. Is there a way to find the slab leak myself?

A. When the leakage is in sewage, it’s advisable not to try as well. It’s very difficult to locate and requires special equipment, which only professionals can use to detect sewer pipe leaks. For freshwater pipe leaks, you need to turn off all the water sources and check your water meter. If the meter dial is still running, you have a water leak. But for finding the exact location, you require professional assistance.

Slab Leak Detection

Q. Our water bill spikes this month with no unusual water usage, but we haven’t noticed any wet spots or the sound of running water. Could we have a slab leak?

A. If your habit of water usage hasn’t changed and still your water bill increases, it’s possible that your foundation has busted pipes. As far as there are no wet spots, you can check the sound of running water. Make sure that all water sources are shut down before you check.

Q. How will your plumber detect slab leaks? I don’t want you to tear my whole house.

A. We do understand that tearing of the floor is not pleasing. So, we use modern equipment like a moisture reader, thermal imaging camera, leak detector alarm, and more to detect the slab leak. With a thermal imaging camera, it’s easy to detect hot water leaks. On the other hand, to detect cold leaks, we check for water pressure using gauges. We use a leak detector alarm and listening device to locate the detection precisely. Also, our plumbers are highly skilled and experienced in detecting the most complicated leaks, such as leaks under the bathroom.

Water Damage Repair

Q. Can water damage restoration services prevent mold?

A. Yes, we have a team of mold removal specialists along with water damage restoration and repair experts. Hence calling EZ means getting all the services under one roof.

24/7 Emergency Plumber

Q. I need a plumber ASAP; do you offer emergency plumbing or heating services after business hours?

A. Yes, we operate round the clock, including the public holidays. We know the plumbing and heating malfunctions are annoying. This is why our emergency plumbing team is available with all tools and equipment to fix your problem in no time.

Q. My toilet is running continuously, and there is a lot of water wastage. What should I replace to save utility bills?

A. You need to replace the flapper because it is failing to seal. Try some different flappers and watch out. If the running continues, you haven’t got the correct flapper or need to change the toilet overflow tube. Give up the trial and errors method to save water utility bills, and call our specialists for the right solution. We will reach your place in no time and resolve it instantly.

Tankless Water Heater

Q. Is one tankless water heater enough for a house?

A. Yes, one tankless water heater is capable of providing endless hot water throughout your home. But you need to choose the perfect model that suffices your hot water needs. Consult our experts to make the right choice based on your requirements and get an efficient tankless water heater installation from the top HVAC company.

Q. Shall I choose a propane tankless water heater or natural gas tankless water heater?

A. Both provide enough hot water for your home. However, it takes some time to heat and reach the desired place. But if you don’t have a natural gas connection at your residence, it would be better for you to choose a propane tankless water heater and enjoy hot water throughout your home. Our professionals can help to choose the best fit water heater for your home.

Water Heater Repair

Q. How long will a leaking water heater last?

A. Generally, the well-maintained water heater lasts for 10-15 years. If the leak is minor and the water heater has not reached maturity, you can repair it and continue using it until maturity. Otherwise, replacing it with a tankless water heater is a brighter option as its lifespan is almost double that of the storage water heater.

Q. Why does my water heater keep running out of hot water?

A. When the water heater keeps running out the hot water heater and that too much faster than a usual speed, you need to call a skilled technician for water heater inspection and repair. There may be a broken dip tube that prevents the mix of cold and hot water in the tank. Also, you can experience this when the lower heating element is malfunctioning. However, our experienced water heater repair team will instantly resolve all your issues, letting you enjoy hot water with no hassles.


My carpets were damp without any visible water spillage. So, I contacted EZ for emergency services because I was completely unaware of why this was happening. The professionals demonstrated extensive knowledge and quickly identified the root cause of the issue, offering prompt slab leak repair solutions. Thank you for relieving my stress and repairing the slab leak instantly.

– Ricky Watts

I recently had water leak issues. I first called a nearby plumber to fix the problem, but the leak still persists. I was frustrated with the constant dripping sound. So, finally, I called EZ. The team showed up on time and gave a precise repair solution for water leak. They fixed it right the first time. Thank you for your help!

– Mattie Cain

The appointment was arranged easily and on short notice, and their experienced plumber in Riverside reached my doorsteps in just 60 minutes. A Perfect Experience! Their services deserve to be recommended throughout Riverside county. Fast, clean work, I will call them again with my plumbing needs.

– Crystal Clark


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