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Think Your Property Might Have a Plumbing Leak Under the Slab? Call EZ Leak Detection Right Away!

A slab leak occurs in one of the pipes concealed within the concrete foundation of your home. Unlike many other types of water leaks, slab leaks are not that obvious but they are always serious. Slab leaks even have the potential of causing several kinds of structural damage to the property. That is why our teams at EZ Leak Detection offer superior plumbing slab leak detection and repair services.

EZ Leak Detection has decades of experience handling slab leak location and repair. Our highly-experienced plumbers and technicians are equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology in plumbing slab leak detection to offer the first-class services to our customers that put their trust in us. You can rest assured that we have the right expertise and resources to fix all types of slab leaks.

Our plumber will conduct tests to accurately detect and inspect the plumbing leak under slabs. With our advanced skill sets and equipment, we uncover even the most hidden and deep slab leaks. Our teams at EZ Leak Detection have perfected the art of minimally-invasive and non-invasive plumbing slab leak detection and repairs. We’ll always consult you to identify your needs and budget prior to offering free estimations of repair options.

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    If you suspect a slab leak at your home or business premises, look no further than EZ Leak Detection. Feel free to contact us to find help with your slab leak problems. Our customer service will guide you to connect with the best plumber in no time.



    Plumbing Leak Detection Cost

    at EZ Leak Detection

    You don’t have to worry about the plumbing leak detection cost for even a second when you reach out to EZ Leak Detection. We never conduct bait and switch pricing; instead, we always offer straightforward and fair rates for every job we undertake. Feel free to contact us to get a free-of-charge, no-obligation estimate for your plumbing leak detection cost.

    Regardless of how big or complicated your slab leak location and repair, you can count on our teams of experts to get the job done right with high-quality levels at an affordable rate. We always look forward to providing the best price possible but never skimping on the quality of our work. Our customer service team members are dedicated, committed, and cordial as well as customer-oriented. They will guide you with any queries or concerns, and help you schedule an appointment as best suits your situation. We will not charge you just for taking a look. We always give you free estimates with options that suit your scenario. EZ Leak Detection makes you feel at ease!

    1.Direct Access Repair

    A disruptive plumbing slab leak repair option, spot pipe repairs are fine depending on the location of the plumbing leak under the slab; if it does not involve digging through intricate plumbing or ruining costly fixtures and flooring. If customers choose this method, we ensure minimal digging and quick repairs.

    2.Pipe Rerouting and Re-piping

    The old pipes will be shut off and abandoned and new pipes will be rerouted. This may sound like a lot of plumbing work but it is still less expensive and intrusive than drilling through your concrete and restoring it. As an added advantage, the new lines will be easily accessible for future repair and maintenance.

    3.Tunneling Beneath The Slab

    A less expensive repair method which can be conducted without disruption of flooring and mess inside the house. The factors to consider are who owns the space around the house, and if digging would be permitted. Only licensed professionals can manage this method.

    4.Minimally-Invasive Repair Options

    There are minimally-invasive methods of plumbing slab leak repairs, such as trenchless pipe lining, trenchless pipe coating or spray lining, and trenchless pipe bursting. All these methods involve hardly any structural repairs. EZ Leak Detection will make it even more easier through its expertise and latest tools.


    Plumbing Leaks Under Slabs

    without hassles!

    Unlike average technicians who still use conventional leak detection and repair methods, we don’t drill right into your concrete foundation. It is a destructive and expensive process that involves tearing up floorboards. With the teams of highly trained specialists at EZ Leak Detection, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

    We utilize modern, non-intrusive, and non-destructive leak detection technologies that cause no harm to your invaluable property. We have undergone advanced training in these techniques and have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to pinpoint even the most hidden slab leaks with no drilling into your concrete.

    While we have the right expertise as well as the resources to fix any type of slab leak regardless of its type or complication, you as property owners should be able to identify if your home or the business property might be suffering from a potential slab leak. If you notice unjustifiable increases on your water bills, moldy odors indoors, unexplained sounds of water running, or excessive humidity, contact EZ Leak Detection right away.

    The best thing about our modern slab leak detection and repair methodologies is that they are not only less destructive, they are also cost-effective than conventional practices. Since there is no drilling of concrete foundations, tearing up floorboards, and restoring drilled surfaces, the costs can be kept to a minimum.

    Why Choose EZ Leak Detection for
    Plumbing Leak Under Slab?

    Years of Experience in The Industry – As a leading leak detection and repair company, our teams have decades of experience in helping both residential and commercial property owners with various types of plumbing slab leaks. We have seen and handled everything when it comes to slab leak detection and repair and knows exactly what needs to be done to fix your problem. You can put your trust in our teams of experts.

    Advanced Equipment and Techniques – Our plumbers and technicians use advanced equipment and techniques in leak detection and repair. Our cutting-edge equipment will not only enhance the quality of our work but also allow us to complete your job much faster than an average technician. Therefore when you reach out to the experts at EZ Leak Detection, you will not only be getting highly-effective solutions but also fast services.

    Upfront Pricing and Same Day Service – Once we have conducted a leak detection test on your property and have determined the locations of leaks and their severity, we will provide you with an upfront quote of the job, detailing the costs involved. We also offer same-day service with the majority of our services for your convenience. We are extremely flexible and ready to work with your needs, preferences, and budget.

    With EZ Leak Detection, You Can Count On

    • A range of slab leak repair options
    • Reliable and long-lasting workmanship
    • Affordable leak detection and repair solutions
    • Straightforward, upfront pricing
    • Professional and friendly technicians
    • Same day service
    • The peace of mind you deserve
    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.