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Slab Water Leak Detection

EZ Leak Detection offers the best solutions for repairing slab leaks

Are you faced with water leaks in slabs? Our teams offering slab water leak detection services are backed by our experience, knowledge, and insights drawn from several decades of work. We have completed hundreds of thousands of slab leak repair jobs over the years. Investing in the best leak detection equipment, we have gained invaluable experience in non-invasive under slab water leak detection.

Our team excels in quick diagnostic, leveraging their experience, knowledge, and competent use of tools to detect the source of water leaks under slabs. If spot repairs are what you prefer, and could prove to be less expensive than our plumber will offer easy, quick, long-term solutions through spot repairs. If the water leaks under the slab are positioned at places where direct access repairs translates to increased slab water leak repair costs, we let you know. EZ Leak Detection will then offer you alternative, less expensive, but durable slab water leak repair solutions.

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    Slab Water Leak Repair

    from EZ Leak Detection

    There are pipelines located under slabs. Poor construction or installation work, earth movements, shifting soil, and drastic weather changes, water quality issues cause kinks in the pipe and pinhole leaks. Aging and deteriorating pipe material could aggravate the water leak issues. Give EZ Leak Detection a call, and hire a certified and experienced plumber who will guarantee accurate slab water leak detection and warranty-backed slab leak repairs. We make slab leak repairs fast and easy, and help you avoid wasting time and money.

    1.Pipe Repair

    Direct access slab water leak repairs could be the most cost-effective and durable solution when getting to the leak source does not involve disruption or demolition of many things, and the overall pipe condition is otherwise fine.


    When getting to a leak source involves demolition or damage to costly structural, plumbing or electrical work, then re-routing new slab pipes above ground is a better solution.


    If your slab pipes are old, with kinks and structural deterioration at many places, and spot repairs are not an option, repiping could get rid of slab leak issues for many decades.

    4.Trenchless Options

    Trenchless pipelining, spray lining or pipe bursting are some very effective minimally-invasive techniques for slab pipe repairs. Through camera inspections, the pipe condition is first verified to know what could be the best option.

    Under Slab Water Leak Detection

    and Repair Solutions

    If water leaks under slabs are becoming a frequent problem, and not being treated correctly, it is most likely that you will end up paying many thousands of dollars over the years for various leak repairs, water damage repairs, mold removal, increasing water bills, and other issues. It is wiser to consult with an under slab water leak detection and repair specialist who can help you save a lot of money through long-term solutions, like we do at EZ Leak Detection. We believe in helping our customers honestly, in a way we would suggest solutions to our own family. Our plumbers give a complete picture of the situation and suggest best solutions.

    Over 30+ years, we have seen almost all kinds of slab leak causes and consequences that occur. That is why when you call us for under slab water leak detection, our plumber will find you a quick, easy, affordable, and long-lasting solution. If your pipes are old, worn out at many places, and repiping could give you peace of mind for decades, our repiping expert will do a 100% perfect job. We have the resources to get pipe materials at low cost, and help you reduce slab leak repair costs. If pipelining, rerouting, partial or full, is what best suits your property, we make it cost-effective, as we keep material costs and service rates down for you.

    What Makes
    EZ Leak Detection Different From Others?

    Services from Experts at Low Costs: A family-owned business operating across several counties in California for decades, we have a track record of honest, dedicated service that focuses on customer well-being. We never compromise on work quality, and take all measures to make it easy for you from a financial perspective too. We also offer financing if you are faced with huge repair costs due to plumbing leaks and water damage.

    Complete Solutions: We pride ourselves on our ability to work as a team and when in doubt we always have someone to lean on for help. If slab water leak repairs involve structural damage repair, repainting, carpet cleaning, mold remediation, then you do not have to worry. EZ Leak Detection will make everything easy for you to manage. Our plumbers guide our clients in the most cost effective repair without cutting corners.

    Guarantee-backed Work: We believe our name is on our work and we take pride in the way we raise service delivery standards for our customers. Any plumbing product or fixture installed by us will always be a certified product meeting standards and backed by warranties. We make our customers feel at ease from start to finish of any job. Reduce your slab water leak repair costs and be reassured through our guarantee-backed services.

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