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How to properly locate a leak under a concrete floor?

leak under concrete floor

Everyone expects the best from their plumbing. Not everyone, however, is truly aware of the numerous ways in which healthy plumbing systems contribute to comfortable, convenient, beautiful, and de-stressing routine life experiences.

In a large number of cases, homeowners realized too late that plumbing disasters could have been avoided if they had not succumbed to negligence, procrastination, and the unwillingness to spend some bucks.

For instance, you might suspect a leaking pipe under concrete floors but might not schedule an inspection on time. Many times, homeowners try to fix slab leaks on their own and find out some days or months later that the problem has recurred, doing more water damage than they could afford to restore within their month’s budget.

Finding a leak in a concrete floor might not seem a reason for immediate repairs but getting an inspection done on time is the right way to decide how soon you need to repair it to avoid a lot of water damage.

There are several risks associated with a leaking pipe under the concrete floor when the problem is not addressed on time.

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Water contamination
  • Health effects
  • Increased utility bills
  • Structural damage
  • Fire hazards
  • Financial concerns when damage restoration costs five figures in dollars

To solve the issues and mitigate the risk, it is extremely important to detect such leaks in time and get professional advice and help!

What are the signs that there is a leaking pipe under concrete floors?

How to Go About Finding a Leak in a Concrete Floor

Hot Spots on the Floor

If you find that certain areas of your concrete floor are warmer for no apparent reason, you could listen and check for sounds of water. It could be because of a hot water slab pipe leak. The warm spots could also be caused by a leak in the valves of some general overall pipe structures.

A good thing to do is to find out if there is a water leak and whether you can trace it. After switching off all faucets and other water-flowing sources, monitor your water meter for some time. If it is still running when there is no source of water being used, the hidden leak could be a leaking pipe under the concrete floor

Wet or Damp Spots

Dampness, stains, or warps in the flooring or walls are often traced to a slab plumbing leak. When water from a leaking pipe under the concrete floor has seeped through the concrete and dampened the flooring or carpets, calling a professional plumber is highly recommended.

The noise of running water

Finding a leak in a concrete floor through the noise of running water can be a difficult task. If you live in a noisy environment, this could be almost impossible.

But if you do hear the noise of water running during the night, and a thorough check of the house does not reveal any known cause, then the likelihood that there is a leaking pipe under the concrete floor cannot be ruled out. Take the necessary actions to verify there is a hidden leak. If you suspect one, it is wiser not to delay in calling for a professional slab leak detection.

A good plumbing company might offer a free inspection to verify other chances of leaks. Only when none are found will they offer estimates for a slab pipe inspection.

Higher Water Bills

If you are someone who tracks water bills and compares amounts, an unusual increase might easily get noticed. Before blaming it on kids or anyone else, why not do the simple check by turning off water flow sources and monitoring the water meter?

Reduced water pressure

Unexplained water pressure issues are often traced to hidden leaks. If there is a water leak, water escapes through some different channels resulting in lower water pressure.

Pools of Water

If there is a leaking pipe under the concrete floor, water can seep through the tiles and the flooring of the concrete and reach the floor, causing pools of water.

Wet Carpets and Mold Growth

Damp flooring, wet carpets, etc., easily trigger mold growth. The musty smell of mold does not only call for mold detection and removal but also leak detection.

Hire a Professional to Locate Leaks Under Slabs

As a homeowner, if you doubt a potential slab leak, you can opt for several methods to check the leaks. One clear indication can be received by checking the water meters after turning off all the supply of water and checking readings.

Finding a leak in a concrete floor and tracing to its exact cause can be tricky. If you doubt leaks, contact a professional. An established company offering the services of a slab leak detection specialist could definitely make a huge difference. Such professionals have access to a range of leak detection equipment, which helps them give evidence-based reports on leak sources, leak causes, pipe conditions and extent of damage, etc.

The accuracy of water leak detection and inspection is critical to formulating the right methods for solving the issues. Some techniques used for accurately detecting or finding a leak in a concrete floor are mentioned below.

Electronic Leak Detection Tools

All leaks present in the pipe generate noise. These noises are almost or totally inaudible to human ears but do have certain frequencies associated with them. An electronic leak detection system converts the frequencies into high-frequency sounds and helps identify the presence of running or leaking water.

Electromagnetic Pipeline Locators

These tools work like radio antennas and allow plumbers to map out the pipe located under the concrete slab. With the help of the tool, a knowledgeable plumber can also find anomalies. Such tools are useful for detecting leaks in non-metallic pipes.

Gas Tracer Systems

In an environment where there is already enough noise and the leak is at a deep location, a listening equipment does not prove quite useful. Gas tracer systems come in handy in such situations. These tools pinpoint leaks using specially-designed probes.

Camera-based Pipe Inspection Tools

For more accurate and precise detection, a camera-based inspection can be carried out. The pipes in your house can be of varied sizes and types, and you might need accurate results of pipe conditions and actual and future leak possibilities. A video pipe inspection involves the use of miniaturized cameras on the end of fiber-optic cables to probe down into the pipeline. Based on the video feeds, a plumber can get an accurate idea of the pipe interior and the leak spots.

The Benefits of Hiring a Slab Leak Detection and Repair Specialist

Hire a slab leak inspection and repair specialist from an established plumbing company to avoid risks, mess, progressive water damage, and damage to plumbing and fixtures.

1 . Ease of detection

Finding a leak in a concrete floor or inspecting a leaking pipe under the concrete floor becomes fast, easy, less messy, and accurate when you hire a professional in slab leak detection. Also, using the right tools, a professional plumber is able to not only detect leaks but also help you avoid potential leaks and water damage.

2 . Detailed reviews

Accurate reports, detailed inspection, and quick measures help you avoid plumbing disasters and implement a customized and proper leak repair and damage restoration method.

3 . Support with Insurance

The chances of getting your insurance claims accepted increase when you have the right evidence-based reports and have taken all the right measures, as suggested by an experienced plumber who can help with your insurance. You are able to make neat, honest insurance claims without hassles.

4 . Emergency services

When you contact an established company offering 24/7 emergency services, you are able to find a plumber at your doorstep much sooner, like within 1-2 hours instead of a day or more. A lot of damage can be prevented when leaks are detected and repaired on time.

5 . Knowledge of plumbing codes

A plumber without certification or a homeowner trying to repair a slab leak with the help of a do-it-yourself kit or manual or video does not have much understanding of plumbing codes. Any deviations to plumbing codes could prove highly risky later on.

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