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Concrete Slab Leak Detection

EZ offers the Top-Best Slab Leak Repair Services

Are you frustrated trying to find an affordable solution to repair a slab leak? A slab leak occurs when a pipe under the foundation of the home is leaking. As slab leaks progress, so does the possibility of water damage and your water bills. With EZ Leak Detection at your service, there is no need to worry about getting perfectly durable and affordable slab leak repair options. Our concrete slab leak detection plumbers are certified and experienced. Through accurate detection of slab pipe leak sources and extent of damage through minimal or non-invasive methods, we are able to give you optimized solutions.

If you suspect any slab leak, contact EZ Leak Detection immediately! EZ follows a systematic process for detecting any kind of leak. Moreover, our skilled and professional technicians use brilliant listening devices for detecting water leaks under the concrete floor of the home foundation. We have all types of tools and cameras for finding the hidden leaks as well. At EZ, we offer the best possible solutions for slab leak repair. So, why wait for finding an expert? Contact us for any kind of concrete leak detection services.

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    Water Leak under Concrete Slab

    If you are facing a water leak under concrete floors, an ordinary plumber might advise digging up and then finding out about where the pipes might be leaking. In most cases, a number of places in your home or commercial space is dug up to accurately detect and repair the leak. The EZ concrete slab leak detection team has a range of equipment from leak sound amplification devices to gas tracer systems to identify the pipe leak source. This involves the most minimum of digging up to get to the pipe and repair it exactly at the point where there is a leak. In case the pipe is located at a spot where digging up could worsen the situation, we offer other repair options.


    Pipelining is a lining of a thin coating of non-toxic epoxy within the inside of pipes. Our EZ plumbers offer pipelining services for pinholes or minor leaks in copper piper and main sewer. It is the most effective and economical option for a water leak in concrete slabs.


    Repiping or Rerouting is the most preferred solution by our experts. During re-routing, the old pipes are abandoned and re-routed by new pipes around the edge of the slab. Also, the new rerouted pipes can be easily accessible for inspection in the future.

    3.Spot Repair

    Our technicians are well qualified and trained for any spot repair serviced for a water leak under the concrete slab. Spot repair is a very common solution if there is a single leak along with easy access for inspection. Thus, repairing the small section is the best solution.

    4.Trenchless pipe repair

    Our skilled and experienced plumbing technician also offers trenchless line replacement services. Trenchless pipe repair is the modern and advanced technology used for concrete leak detection and repair.

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    Concrete Leak Detection

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    EZ specializes in concrete slab leak detection and concrete slab leak repairs. Our professional team has all the necessary slab leak detection and repair equipment for performing timely and accurate leak detection as well as repair. Moreover, our plumbers can diagnose and locate the source of water leaks in concrete slabs and offer evidence-based reports. Accordingly, we advise our customers on a variety of options in case there is water damage caused due to water leaks under concrete floors.

    It does not matter when you have detected a water leak in concrete slabs – on a holiday, on weekend, or at night. We are available 24/7. We offer emergency concrete slab leak repair services for repairing any sort of water leaks under concrete slabs. Our emergency 24-hour services may help in saving you more time and money, and also prevent further damage occurring due to the slab leaks. We have the resources that make repair work very efficient. Our timely intervention also helps you with insurance. We can also bill your insurance carrier directly.

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    Our plumbers are licensed, insured, and bonded. They can fix any plumbing issues and offer complete water damage repair solutions such as repainting stained walls, replacing damaged drywall, repairing the flooring, removing mold and mildew, etc.

    Our plumbing team is available 24/7 for any kind of plumbing emergency regardless of day or night. You never need to worry about delays aggravating water damage and repair costs. From commercial to residential services, we take care of all plumbing requirements. That is why EZ is the most trusted and recommended company for repairing any kind of water leak under the concrete floor.

    All our services are performed by specialists and at very minimal rates. EZ is a renowned and reputed company. Our plumbing technicians are well trained to address all kinds of concrete leak detection, broken pipes, corrosion, and sewer line leaks, hot water pipe leaks. We take pride in ourselves being a professional and reliable plumbing service provider.

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