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How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Leak Under The Slab?

Home » How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Leak Under The Slab?

Drain leaks under slabs are the most common problems that are faced by several property owners and residents across California. These leaks often lead to several types of water damage, which needs to be stopped as soon as possible. Timely and expert professional assistance is essential to mitigate the risk of further damage. Fixing a slab leak is a tedious task, and the average cost of slab leak repair is not always easy on the wallet.


There are many ways to undertake slab leak location. If your focus, however, is on identifying the root cause of the problem and the visible and hidden damage, you need to consult with experts in slab leak detection in Brea. Applying professional methods means you are not just temporarily stopping the leak without any idea of why it is happening.


Professional slab leak detection is about giving you the right diagnosis, getting evidence-based reports, and taking the right measures to solve the issue. You can make an effective, honest insurance claim, too, as a competent slab leak detection and repair service company will give you perfect guidance based on what is covered.


The amount of money spent due to drain leaks under slabs depends on not just the pipe repair costs. The longer the leak is not repaired, the more water is wasted, leading to higher water bills. If dampness and excess moisture created due to the drain leaks under slabs triggers excess mold growth, there are mold removal and remediation costs to consider


Repair and restoration costs also depend on the type and extent of slab plumbing leaks. Let’s have a quick look.

What Are the Different Types of Slab Leaks

Hot Water Slab Leaks

Hot water pipes are more prone to leaks. These pipes expand due to the temperature of the water and rub against each other or on the concrete floor, accelerating the wear and tear of the pipes and eventually leading to leaks.

If you find hot spots on the floor without any apparent reason, and you suspect it could be due to some underground water leaks, then that’s most often a slab hot water plumbing leak. If not detected and repaired on time, such leaks can damage the flooring.

Leaks in Sewer Lines Under the Slab

Many houses may have the main sewer line under the slab. Excess pressure owing to shifts or natural calamities causes kinks in the sewer pipes. Frequent occurrences over time increasingly weaken the pipes, and cracks develop.

Under-the-slab sewer line leaks could cause a foul smell to permeate certain areas, and sometimes, you find pools of water. Calling an established company offering slab leak detection services could make a huge difference in preventing any number of health risks and progressive structural damage.

Collapsed Drain Pipes Under the Slab

Drain pipes under slabs undergo a lot of pressure whenever there are any kinds of seismic activity, extreme temperatures, construction activity happening in and around the house, etc. Aging pipes are very likely to collapse at a point. Deteriorated and old pipes need to be replaced completely before they cause a major plumbing crisis calling for extensive restoration work.

Pinhole Leaks

Drain leaks under slabs can be minor and will not showcase themselves in a full-fledged manner, and pinhole leaks come under this category. The pinhole leak could be caused by a minor dent or kink. A thin stream of water that keeps leaking is often difficult to locate with simple electronic leak detection tools, especially if it is deep.

Burst Pipes Under the Slab

This involves leaks through different sections of the pipes that burst due to excess pressure, corrosion, or any other factors influencing the drain pipes. There is much more wastage of water, causing fluctuations in water pressure, and the possibility of water causing damage to flooring and walls cannot be ruled out.

The Different Kinds of Repairs and Costs

To find durable solutions, it is necessary to get a professional slab leak detection in Brea done, and that involves some charges. Professionals need to use various tools and conduct an inspection to find out if there are multiple leaks, where these leaks are on the pipeline and the general layout and condition of the pipeline.


Some of the techniques used to inspect drain leaks under slabs are the use of an electronic leak detection tool, a gas tracer system, or an electromagnetic pipeline locator. These methods are non-invasive – they do not require any digging work.


If your pipes are old or when there is a strong possibility of extensive pipe damage or a burst or collapsed pipe, a video pipe inspection ensures a detailed, evidence-based analysis and perfect repair options.


There are many minimally-invasive or trenchless methods for fixing a slab leak. For durable solutions and long-term peace of mind, find a company that has extensive experience in fixing a slab leak through trenchless repair options.


The average cost of slab leak repair is difficult to generalize. You could get all repairs done within a range of $500-$1000, for example, if the leak is small, and repairs involve only repairing a small portion of a pipe, in addition to leak detection costs.


If there is just one leak point, which can be accessed with minimum disruption, and it is a short pipe that requires a simple fix, the average cost of slab leak repair will be less, ranging from $400-$700. If repair costs involve slab restoration, repiping, and other structural damage repairs, the costs could shoot well over $6,000.


But making rough estimates of repair costs based on the average cost of slab leak repair is often deceptive. Repair costs depend on many factors that people fail to take into account until they are faced with all associated costs.


Make your estimates for an average cost of slab leak repair taking into account the various scenarios listed here.

Advanced Leak Detection and costs

Advanced leak detection involves the usage of the latest tools and technology for the detection of leaks. Such methods involve a video pipe inspection too. The cost of carrying out such a procedure cannot be a specific figure. It could range from over $100 to over $1,000.

Direct Access or Spot Slab Leak Repair and Costs

The direct access or spot repair procedure involves drilling through the floor at the exact location of the leak and repairing the damage. It would be very deceptive to name an average cost of such slab leak repair. It depends on how much you would need to spend if expensive flooring needs to be restored. A ballpark figure would be between $500-$2,000.

Repiping and Costs

Repiping is among the most expensive options. The cost of repiping differs based on the type of pipe material to be used and its dimensions. A typical range is between $1,000-$3,000. But it could be more if you need to install a new hot water or sewer pipeline.

Pipe Rerouting and Costs

Rerouting is comparatively less expensive. The cost of such a process can easily range between $200 and $1500, depending on whether you need partial rerouting or a full one and the time taken to achieve it.

Trenchless Pipe Lining and Costs

The trenchless pipe lining method is also called the cured-in-place-pipe lining method. The costs depend on the dimensions, such as per linear foot costs, which vary from one geographical area to another. It could be over $120 or over $180 per linear foot.

Trenchless Spray Lining

Trenchless spray lining involves the use of a special polymer resin that is sprayed onto the inside of the pipe. Again, costs differ from one geographical location to another and can start from about $200 per linear foot.

Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is among the minimally-invasive repair options for repairing collapsed pipes. This often involves pulling and insertion pits through which the pipes can be replaced. The per linear foot costs vary from anything around $140 and go up to around $200.

Mold Remediation and Costs

The cost of removing mold includes the cost of mold detection and inspection, the cost of cleanup and removal, and the costs of restoring mold-affected material or belongings. If drywall has been affected and needs restoration, the overall repair costs could shoot up.

Water Damage and Costs

There can be no ballpark ranges to be specified here. If the sewer or drain leak under slabs has damaged walls, flooring, carpets, or other structural or architectural elements, the damage restoration would cost much more than just plumbing repairs.

How Can You Reduce Costs – Inspection, Prevention, and Maintenance

The best way to avoid spending thousands of dollars on fixing a slab leak and restoration costs is through scheduled plumbing inspections.


If you invest a few hundred dollars every year in getting plumbing inspections done at your home or business premises, you will be preventing any number of potential plumbing disasters from happening.


Before moving into a house or business premises, built recently or decades back, get a plumbing inspection done by an established plumbing service in Brea. All potential issues waiting to happen will be flagged by the plumber who conducts the inspection. A competent plumbing service company also offers services such as preventive maintenance.


Homeowners usually spend more money on restoring damage caused by water leaks or drain leaks under slabs than just on plumbing repairs. These include the money spent on removing water, cleanup, dehumidification, mold removal, structural repairs, repainting, etc. Also, the fees to be paid to various professionals on a per-hour basis would increase when restoration work increases.

EZ Leak Detection

Connect with EZ Leak Detection whenever you need more information about preventing a plumbing crisis. Our 24/7 customer service is active throughout the year.


EZ is a brand that has lived up to its name for 30+ years and continues to make life easy for our customers in need of quick, affordable, durable, and world-class plumbing solutions. We are here to serve and will never fail you, addressing all your concerns with dedication and professionalism. EZ only hires licensed professionals with a good deal of experience and reputation. Some of our plumbers have more than 20 years of experience.


Do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you!


My carpets were damp without any visible water spillage. So, I contacted EZ for emergency services because I was completely unaware of why this was happening. The professionals demonstrated extensive knowledge and quickly identified the root cause of the issue, offering prompt slab leak repair solutions. Thank you for relieving my stress and repairing the slab leak instantly.

– Ricky Watts

I recently had water leak issues. I first called a nearby plumber to fix the problem, but the leak still persists. I was frustrated with the constant dripping sound. So, finally, I called EZ. The team showed up on time and gave a precise repair solution for water leak. They fixed it right the first time. Thank you for your help!

– Mattie Cain

The appointment was arranged easily and on short notice, and their experienced plumber in Riverside reached my doorsteps in just 60 minutes. A Perfect Experience! Their services deserve to be recommended throughout Riverside county. Fast, clean work, I will call them again with my plumbing needs.

– Crystal Clark


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