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Slab leak repairs may become an expensive affair if not treated on time. Slab leaks occur when pipes beneath the foundation crack or break, allowing water to seep through the slab. The water leakage can cause damage, structural issues, mold growth, cracks, and mildew. You must take professional help to repair slab leaks to avoid structural damage, health hazards, and financial hardships. EZ Leak Detection provides reliable and cost-effective repair solutions for the slab leak in Brea. We are a licensed and insured organization functioning with an in-house team of trained plumbers in Brea.

Our plumbers and technicians possess years-long experience and extensive expertise in fixing the slab leak. We use state-of-the-art equipment for slab leak detection in Brea to pinpoint the exact location of the leak and repair it with minimum or no digging. Our experts can handle any task, from small-size repairs to serious water damage repair. We offer budget estimation and consultation to help you plan the process effectively. Our experts also assist you during emergencies and handle the matter responsibly. EZ Leak Detection is a trustworthy organization to hand over the work.

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    A slab leak is a leak found underneath the concrete slab foundation. It occurs when pipes run through the slab and become corroded or damaged. Pipe corrosion, ground shifting, faulty installation, and constructional damage crack the pipe, causing a slab leak. You should consider taking help of plumber in Brea if you notice wet spots, cracks in floors or walls, increased water bills, and unusual water-flowing sounds. EZ Leak Detection is a prestigious organization offering reliable solutions for fixing the slab leak in Brea. We use effective techniques to repair the disruptive leak and prevent further damage.

    Pipe Rerouting

    Our experts create an access point through the slab or foundation. They use a special device to locate the pipe that requires rerouting. They dig the trench to accommodate the new pipe and secure it. Our technicians inspect the pipe to ensure no leakage and connect it with the supply lines.

    Pipe Coating

    We inspect the area and pipe to remove debris or objects hindering the coating process. Our plumber coats the pipe with special epoxy or acrylic materials. These materials protect the pipe from corrosion and extend its lifespan. After coating, we seal it with a sealant to prevent water leakage.

    Pipe Lining

    Pipelining is more cost-effective than replacing the entire pipe system. Our technicians insert a new liner into the pipes and seal it with epoxy. The liner develops a new watertight pipe inside the old one. They seal the slab, leave it to cure for a few hours, and restore the water supply.


    We remove damaged pipe segments and inspect the area to look for obstructions. After clearing, they install and connect the new pipes to the plumbing system. They test the pipe for leaks and make minor adjustments to fit it. They seal the area with mortar and concrete to prevent leak recurrence.

    Expert Technicians Safeguarding Properties

    Through Slab Leak Repairs

    Property Inspection

    We conduct a property inspection to diagnose the leak source and extent. Our experts begin the process with a visual inspection that involves using moisture meters and borescopes. With these tools, they inspect the foundation, walls, floors, and other areas of the property.

    Leak Detection

    For detecting the exact leak spot, we use specialized equipment to identify running water sound, temperature, and pressure changes. We also take the help of a microphone, thermal imaging camera, and ground penetrating radar for slab leak detection in Brea.

    Damage Assessment

    After determining the leak spot, our technicians use a series of test holes to confirm the origin source. They assess the damage and cause of the slab leak. They dig up the pipe to reach the leakage and determine the best repair method that involves minimal or no digging.

    Slab Leak Repair

    The process of slab leak repair in Brea includes cutting the affected slab and removing damaged sections if neccessary. We choose the best fit method according to the damage extent. These methods vary from pipe coating, pipelining, spot repair, rerouting, to repiping.

    Why Rely On EZ Leak Detection For Slab Leak Repair In Brea?

    Trained Professionals

    EZ Leak Detection is a well-known organization serving Brea and nearby areas. We have been in the industry for years and have worked with different types of plumbing systems. Our experts are certified and licensed and have a good reputation with customers.

    High-Quality Materials

    We use high-quality materials and advanced tools and technologies for slab leak detection in Brea. Our technicians conclude the process with utmost precision and responsibility and leave the premises after ensuring a leak-free slab.

    Customer Satisfaction

    We respond to your needs promptly because customer service and satisfaction are our top-most priorities. Our team stays active round the clock to provide timely services on regular days and emergencies, including weekends and holidays.

    Free Budget Estimation

    We take responsibility for our work and provide budget-friendly repairs. Our techniques involve minimum digging that lowers repair and reconstruction costs. We give you a free budget estimation for slab leak repair in Brea and send the bill to the insurance company in many cases.

    Take Slab Repairs To Avoid

    • Extensive damage to your foundation
    • Increased water consumption & bills
    • Additional water damage
    • Health hazards & expensive repairs
    • Extensive damage to your foundation
    • Increased water consumption & bills
    • Additional water damage
    • Health hazards & expensive repairs

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.