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A leak in hot water lines under the slab causes a hot water slab leak. You come to notice it when you find warm, damp spots on the floor. When you have thick carpeted floors, it is very difficult to come to know about these leaks. Often the carpets and flooring gets damaged and that’s when the leak is detected. If you have found a hot water leak under the slab, the best thing to do is contact EZ Leak Detection for hot water slab leak repairs.

The temptation to fix the leak yourself is always there, and in most cases, such do-it-yourself repairs have later caused much more harm to your plumbing, structure, and to your savings. Hot water slab leak repairs done by professionals from EZ Leak Detection will definitely save you from the likelihood of getting repairs done to fix inefficient repair jobs.

Call EZ Leak Detection and save yourself from plumbing disasters such as burst hot water slab pipes causing severe water damage to flooring, carpets, walls, and slabs. More than three decades into slab leak repairs translates to super efficient and accurate leak detection. We have also perfected the art of non-invasive, and minimally-invasive hot water slab leak repairs.

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    Hot Water Leak Detection Service under the Slab

    Get Efficient and On-time Services

    Hot water slab leaks could be a cause of concern if not detected and fixed on time. The increase in water bills, low water pressure, mold growth, are only some of the consequences. If your property has very old slab plumbing, then getting an inspection done once or twice a year could help you predict the likelihoods of such leaks. A burst hot water slab pipe is what you would never like to face.

    Even if you suspect a hot water leak under the slabs, getting a leak detection done the same day could save you from a lot of trouble. EZ Leak Detection has the latest leak detection equipment to find the exact leak source with zero or minimal digging. We are open 24/7. You will find a plumber at your door at any time of the day or night you want your slab leak looked at. We also have camera inspection tools to check pipe conditions and extent of leak problems through minimally-invasive methods.


    Trenchless pipelining, spray lining and pipe bursting are options that allow minimally-invasive methods of repairing leaking and cracked pipes. A video or camera pipe inspection precedes the repairs.

    2.Pipe Rerouting

    We have plumbers who completed several thousand slab pipe repair jobs perfectly right. You can completely trust EZ Leak Detection for excellent hot water slab pipe rerouting services.


    For old, worn out and damaged pipes, the best option is repiping. Repiping and rerouting the new pipe above ground also helps you prevent plumbing issues from getting aggravated.

    4.Spot repair

    This is the option that many homeowners prefer, and is often covered through insurance. EZ Leak Detection has highly experienced plumbers who will not only ensure efficient spot repair but also help with insurance matters.

    Cut Down on

    Hot Water Slab Leak Repair Costs

    Professional hot water slab leak repair costs are often what motivates people to try their hand in fixing the leak. A majority of people have faced enormous repair costs due to inefficient repair jobs. Your hot water pipe might be corroded to a large extent or there might be other issues affecting your slab pipes that have caused the water leak. With the help of our professional, you can rest assured about not only accurate leak source detection but also leak cause and extent detection.

    EZ Leak Detection also helps you reduce your overall hot water slab leak repair costs! We have the resources to keep service rates and material costs at the minimum. Quick and accurate detection of leak cause and extent permits us to take the right measures to prevent progressive damage to your structure, flooring, and other elements. If the leak is pinhole size due to a kink in the pipeline, which is otherwise in a good condition, our plumbers will offer direct access repair or pipe rerouting depending on the location of the leak. We have perfected the art of minimally-invasive repairs too.

    Count on EZ Leak Detection for
    Perfect Hot Water Slab Leak Solutions

    Different plumbers have their own understanding about what causes slab leaks; they focus more on the types of repairs they can offer. At EZ Leak Detection, we are committed to offering 100% reliable and complete solutions.

    We have been serving Orange County, San Diego County and Riverside County for over thirty years. As we keep expanding into more cities and towns, the number of slab leak repair jobs we fix in a month keeps varying from 30 to 80 during October through March. Hot water slab leaks are many times caused due to not just a single reason but a combination of factors from age and quality of pipes to water quality and weather-related conditions. Unless you solve the root cause of problems, you might not be able to find the perfect solution that gives you peace of mind from slab leaks for a long time.

    Contact EZ Leak Detection and get more benefit! Get guaranteed repairs at affordable rates, warranty-backed products, and help with insurance. We bill your insurance directly too when repairs are covered.

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