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Why It Is Essential To Maintain A Water Heater?

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Winters are knocking at our doors, and it’s hard to live without warm water. Have you ever wondered how people survived before the invention of the water heater? If we talk about the earlier days, there was no concept of the water heater. Fortunately, we are living in an era where we have different options for fulfilling our needs.


Now there is no need to count time for anyone to get warm water because it’s just one step away from you. With the hike in advanced technologies, there are so many upgraded features loaded in the water heater system. If any problem arises with the system, you can hire a water heater repair professional in San Diego. In this article, we will mention why a water heater is essential and how to maintain it and expand its shelf life.

Why Should You Maintain A Water Heater?

To Reduce Waiting Time

For warm water, you need to wait for a longer time, and it’s disturbing, especially if you are in a hurry. At the same time, the appliances which you use in the kitchen won’t be spotless if you wash them with cold water. So, with a quality water heater system, you will receive hot water anytime without waiting for long hours.

However, if you already have a water heater that is not working in the proper condition, you can repair them by hiring water heater repair services. Without a proper water heater system, your life would be tougher than you thought!

To Protect The Earth

With the right water heater system, you can save the earth by conserving water and energy. There are different kinds of water heaters, but hybrid water heaters are useful to conserve energy. The water heaters not only save the water but also protect the environment. But for this, you need a heater that is working in the right condition. If you don’t have one, check the services for water heater maintenance in San Diego.

To Get Reliable Water

When you have a good quality water heater, you can make your life better. A good condition water heater delivers security and safety. After hiring an expert technician, you don’t need to stress whether the dishes are perfectly cleaned or not. In winter, when the guest comes to your home and asks to use your washroom, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable.

At this stage, you know that your water heater system is reliable and efficiently provides its service. It is really frustrating when you don’t get the supply of warm water from the taps of your kitchen and bathroom. To prevent this inconvenience, you need to consult with the water heater repair services.

To Save Your Money

Having an efficient water heater is the best thing because it saves your money. Want to know how? When you use a water heater, you consume less water and energy, so overall it saves the cost of your electricity as well as your water bill.

If you are experiencing a constant hike in the electricity and water bill of your house, you need to install a water heater first. But if you have already installed this before, you need to check if it is working properly or not!

Get Rid Of Awkward Situations

No one wants to take a cold shower after visiting your home, especially in winters! It keeps you in an awkward situation. By hiring professional water heater repair services in San Diego, you can recover your old water heater into the new one by detecting the problems and rectifying them. It is better to keep your system in good condition regularly to prevent these scenarios.

Go Eco-Friendly

When an individual has highly protective water heaters, you also serve the environment. It causes less air pollution, low electricity, and water bills. Most of the water heaters are manufactured with recyclable parts that also help reduce the waste material that is harmful to the environment. So, once you show that your water heater is delivering less efficiency, you should repair the water heater.

To Maintain Your Health

Taking a warm shower is also helpful to maintain your health. When a person takes a hot shower regularly, it lowers down the blood sugar and also burns your calories. When you have the right water heater, it helps to offer relief from respiratory symptoms. It cleans the nasal passage and is also good for your skin.

A hot water shower cleans the dirt and toxins from your skin by reaching deep into the area. It will moisturize your skin that causes wrinkles, and dehydrate your skin. Besides all these things, a hot water shower also helps to get a good sleep. It helps to relax your muscles and soothe you mentally, physically. By improving the condition of your water heater, you can cut down the cost of health checkups.

What Are The Points You Should Keep In Your Mind?

Water heaters are essential, especially in winters, and you need to install this at your home now. There are a variety of perks of installing a water heater, and some of them we discussed in the above sections too. But after installing, you also need to maintain this monthly or weekly.


You should keep track of its performance, and if you notice any inconvenience, talk with a well-trained professional for water heater maintenance services in San Diego. Here in the next section, we have listed a few instructions that one should follow while installing a water heater.

Space Around The Water Heater

When anyone installs a water heater, make sure there is a space between the wall and the apparatus. It should be easily accessible, and if not, it may need a technician. Some people install the water heaters on the right side of the top of their toilet.

But this location creates a hindrance for the technicians to reach the apparatus easily. So, before installing a water heater, make sure to keep it away from areas like a bathtub, shower so that anyone can reach this.

Set A Good Height

While installing a water heater, make sure about the height also. Keep it at a height where a technician can reach to check and detect the issues. As per the experts, everyone should install the geyser with a height of 6 feet from the floor. In this way, a person can ensure that the pressure of water is sufficient to receive a hot water flow in your tap.

Check Electrical Connections

At the time of installation of the water heater, make sure that the electrical connections are in good condition. If any of the sockets are open or not connected, there is a chance of a socket hindering your safety and security. After installing, ask the technicians to check once more to prevent the short circuits. Along with that, keep the switch at a sufficient height to keep it away from children.

The above-discussed precautions should be measured while installing a water heater. Now in the below section, we are going to share some tips that keep you away from the regular repairs of water heaters. As an owner of the house, it’s really difficult for you to replace a water system yearly, right? Therefore, the maintenance of the water heater is necessary. By considering the below points, you can increase the shelf life of a water heater.

How To Increase The Shelf Life Of A Water Heater?

Do Not Keep The Switch On

You should not keep your water heater switch on for an extended period. To maintain the shelf life, this is the first policy you should follow. Most of us forget to switch off the water heater after using it, especially in the morning. Every one of us needs warm water in the morning, and we all are in a hurry.

Keeping the geyser on will decrease the shelf life of the water heater as well as increase the electricity bill too. In this advanced era, there are water heaters that keep the water warm within 5 minutes. So, it is best to keep the switch on for 5 minutes rather than keeping it on for extended periods. Regular water heater maintenance can keep you away from the expensive water heater repair in San Diego.

Save Electricity

The maintenance of a water heater is also helpful to save the cost of electricity. If you use the water heater at a low temperature, you can maintain the life expectancy of the water heater and also decrease the cost of electricity.

In this way, the water heater will work at a low temperature and also reduce the chances of burns and accidental scenarios. Lowering the temperature is also helpful in keeping your children safe. Especially in winter, you need to take care of this property.

Check The Anode Rod Inside

If you have the large water heaters installed at your home, it has a large anode rod inside the tank. This rod consists of so much rust and other impurities from the water. But due to this property, the rod itself corrodes away after some time. Therefore, to prevent this scenario, experts always suggest checking the anode rod every three years.

Through regular checking, you can detect whether the rod is corroded with the magnesium or not. If the rod is corroded fully, you need to replace it. You should also need to replace the rod if it is coated with sediments. If you leave this in the same condition, it can make a negative impact on all over the water heater. You should check the rod every month, especially in winter regularly.

Pressure Release Valve

To maintain the shelf life of the water heater, you need to check at least once a year. Check if the pressure valve of the water heater is working or not and its temperature too. To check this, you can release the pressure sometimes. If the valve is leaking, it will create a harsh situation.

To replace this, you need to hire top water heater maintenance services in San Diego. They will visit your home to drain some water out to the water geyser, and they will remove the discharge tube. After that, they will replace the valve, and you can access your water heater in the right condition.

Keep An Eye On The Plug

The repetitive fluctuations in power and the low-capacity wiring in the power socket can create a spark. Therefore, it is essential to check the connections, wires, and every connecting point that is connected to a water heater. Along with that, you should also detect the burn marks on your plug’s pins.

Sometimes due to the higher wattage of electricity, the plug and pins will also be getting hot that causes short circuits. It is always suggested to use sockets and plugs that are in good condition and wired properly. Always try to use the MCB switch because it keeps you away from the risk of short circuits.

Change Plastic Outlets And Inlets

It is always suggested to use the metal inlet and outlet pipes rather than using the standard plastics. Along with that, remember that the joints are checked properly. If you see any rust inside the joints or outside, you can replace it as soon as possible. For replacement, you can hire top-notch water heater repair services.

Hire Annual Maintenance

This is the best thing you can try to maintain the water heater for a longer time. If you don’t have any experience in electrical appliances and limited time, hire the water heater repair experts. They will reach your space, clean it and replace it if any of the appliances are in bad condition.

Final Words

There are numerous water heater issues that you may see in the water heater in the regular period. To keep it well-maintained in good condition, you need to hire skilled and professional experts in water heater repair services. Thus, you have in depth insights into why it is essential to maintain a water heater and how to maintain it.

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