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What to Expect During Slab Leak Repair Service

What to Expect During Slab Leak Repair Service

You can take some steps to ensure that your slab leak does not get worse, but ultimately, you must hire a professional for permanent slab leak solutions. However, it will give you enormous confidence and insight if you know about slab leak repair and slab leak symptoms beforehand. This article will illustrate what happens during a slab leak repair in Orange county.

Before we begin, we must understand what a slab leak is. A slab leak occurs when the water pipe underneath your slabs leaks or bursts for some reason. The water keeps on leaking and affects slabs to a point of damage. The condition can range from being relatively benign to extremely serious. It is always the right decision to contact a professional for slab leak repair in Orange county company as soon as you find out about a possible slab leak.

Slab leak symptoms

These are some of the most common slab leak symptoms you should be aware of:

  • Sounds of running water despite every tap, shower, and appliance not being used.
  • Warm sensation underneath your feet
  • A sudden spike in water bills
  • A musty, earthy smell inside your house
  • Mold growth over the slabs
  • Decreased water pressure without any reason
  • Starting signs of water damage

If your home has these or a combination of these symptoms present, you must call a slab leak detector immediately.

What to do during a slab leak

Slab leaks are usually in a professional’s domain. We strongly recommend against DIY techniques as they can do more harm than good. However, there are certain steps you can follow to minimize the effect of slab leaks.

  • Turn off your water supply from the main line if you notice a slab leak. This is to stop the water from spilling underneath the slab.
  • If your floor is significantly wet, get a piece of cloth and soak up as much water as you can. Water from slab leaks can kickstart water damage which is very costly to deal with.
  • Deal with the moisture as well. Open your windows and start the ceiling fan or AC. If you have a dehumidifier, use that.
  • Try to narrow down the affected area beforehand. This will allow slab leak professionals to act quickly.
  • Give your insurance company a phone call and notify them about the current situation. Make as much documentation as you can. For example, take pictures of the damage, note down what area has been affected, and estimate how much monetary loss you have suffered.

Slab leak repair techniques

Every slab leak repair process is a bit different however, there are three broad ways slab leak repair is usually done.


In this method, the leaking old pipe is removed and another pipe is added instead. The pipe in these cases is accessed directly by breaking the slab or by using some other way to remove the pipe. No new line creation is needed for this purpose.


In this method, the old leaking line is shut off completely. A new line is then created either from the ceiling or the wall. This is a very popular method as it protects the floors and is least invasive. Re-routing is a relatively faster process that solely depends on the skill of your hired plumber in Orange County.


In this method, a tunnel is dug to access the leaking pipe from outside the house. Tunneling is a non-invasive technique and is relatively popular. If you have areas around your house fit for tunneling, you can easily use this technique. However, tunneling can take a bit of time. If you have very expensive slabs you can try this one. The tunnel digging may take somewhere from 3-12 days depending on the size of the tunnel.

Slab replacement

You might want to replace the currently damaged slabs after the slab leak repair. The current pricing uses per sq. ft. to calculate possible slab costs. Before slab leak repair, ask the professionals for slab estimates as well. When you install a new slab, keep the current walls, sub-floors, ceilings, etc. in mind. You want something that is in accordance with them.

EZ Leak detection Slab leak services

EZ Leak Detection offers premium slab leak detection and slab leak repair in Orange County. We have dedicated slab leak teams and cutting-edge technology for the job. All of our plumbers are licensed and certified as well. If you call us for slab leak repair in Orange County, the initial consultation and estimation are absolutely free.

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