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What Happens When a Plumbing Leak Is Found in Your Commercial Property?

What Happens When a Plumbing Leak Is Found in Your Commercial Property?

Water leaks pose an extremely significant risk to commercial buildings, specifically because they use much larger levels of water than homes. Leaks within a commercial building also result in the waste of huge gallons of water each day until the leak is properly repaired. What’s more, some kind of water leaks – especially drain and sewer line leaks – would not only result in progressive water damage to building structures but also create a negative impact on the business if customers try to avoid such buildings.

Common Leaks In Commercial Structures

In order to repair minor plumbing issues before they get the opportunity to trigger significant water damage and mold, you should be acquainted with the most frequent forms of leaks. Some types of water leaks often get ignored for a long time simply because the damage it is causing to the building is not very visible.

Leaks in Toilets

Toilets in commercial structures are used much more than in residential buildings. Careless handling, in addition to excessive use, accelerates the wear and tear of several toilet plumbing parts and fixtures.

A leaking toilet does not appear to be a huge problem – the failing parts are simple to change rather, and they are not costly. Often seemingly minor issues are ignored or repairs delayed, and the result is water damage to toilet walls or flooring and a huge spike in water bills.

Faucet, Sink or Basin Leaks

Leaky sinks are yet another common issue in any commercial building. Much like leaking toilets, they are often the consequence of worn or damaged parts. If the rubber washers in the faucet degrade, the associated seal will fail, and the faucet starts dripping water. This can bring about a huge water loss (and larger water bills) and can affect other components as time passes.

Sometimes, in a hurry to stop sink leaks, plumbers are called to just replace the faucets. If the root cause of the leak is some other factors, frequent leaks occur, leading to a lot of unwanted water wastage and water damage.

Leaks in Roof or Ceilings

Water damage is often caused due to poor quality or broken waterproofing. Toilet and bathroom leaks or concealed plumbing leaks penetrate through floors to the ceiling of rooms underneath. The water penetration causes damp spots on ceilings and walls, and unless quick and efficient steps are taken to repair the problem, the leaking water can lead to mold growth and structural damage.

Water Supply Line leaks

Broken water supply or drain plumbing is one of the most typical causes of water damage within a building. Water pipes can simply burst anytime, and sewer systems might weaken as time passes, leading to extensive water leaks and severe water damage, and mold.

Several sections or most of the water supply piping systems and drain line plumbing pipes are concealed inside walls. Concealed plumbing leaks are difficult to locate, and it is often discovered when there are visible forms of water damage.

Basement Leaks

Leaks in basements could be related to many issues, including waterproofing failures, which allow seepage of water from blocked and damaged drain lines. The structural condition of the basement will also be seriously compromised by the huge moisture level.

Balcony Leaks

The aggressive implications of heavy rain on external balconies – a fundamental element of multi-story industrial buildings – make them extremely susceptible to water damage. The water penetrates through cracks and fissures to cause water damage at other structural areas of the commercial facility.

Other factors aggravating balcony leaks include critical climate, air salts, high humidity, and temperature variances. If left unattended, the water leaks in balconies can certainly result in electrochemical decay, causing harm and spalled concrete.

How To Control Plumbing Leaks In A Commercial Building

To protect your investment and cut down repair and replacement expenditures, you will need to detect water leaks as fast as possible and address them immediately. There are several advanced water leak detection equipment and systems available for use in commercial properties. Here are a few examples:

  • Wireless water leak sensors: These detectors respond with an alarm and send out notifications by phone, text, or email to the building property managers whenever a leak is detected.
  • Cloud-based detectors: Cloud-based sensors are put in sites of potential leakages – basins, toilets, basements, plumbing places, and so on — and may combine data from all models into a single portal that’s monitored by property owners;
  • Automatic sensors-based systems: These systems allow not only alarms and mobile notifications of water leaks but have features that include automatic handling of the water shut-off valves.

Well-designed water leak recognition equipment is simple to set up, very reasonable, and extremely efficient.

What To Do Once You Find A Leak In Your Commercial Building

As soon as a leak is detected, take quick and effective measures to repair the issue and prevent water damage. Call an established company offering commercial water leak detection and repair services.

Professional water leak detection is more than just about identifying leaks. It is about inspecting the plumbing and finding out the root cause of leaks, the extent of leaks, and the existing and potential water damage.

A competent commercial plumbing service company offers evidence-based solutions and takes all the right measures to help you with insurance.

When you consult with a company offering commercial water damage restoration services, you benefit much more. You get expert inspections, guarantee-backed plumbing repairs and restorations, and assistance with different kinds of water damage restoration.

EZ Leak Detection

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