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Things To Consider When Installing A New Water Heater

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Water heaters are one of the basic requirements of every individual in today’s world. From children to senior citizens, everyone requires hot water for various purposes, and the best option for getting hot water is a water heater. It is not a huge machine that requires a lot of space. Instead, it is a compact size machine that can be easily fit in every house. There are even water heater installation service providers that will come to your house or any other place and will fit the water heater in the best place possible.


Water heaters have a lot of applications. Especially in places with a low temperature level, they become very crucial. Water heaters are not only used for warming the water for taking a bath in the early morning but also are used for many other purposes. This is why we are going to discuss in detail a few of the things that need to be considered when installing a new water heater.

8 Things You Should Consider While Installing A New Water Heater

If necessary steps are not taken in the direction of installing a new water heater, problems can occur later. Therefore, a person must keep a note of a few of the important points before installing a water heater.

Various Types Of Water Heaters

Water heaters are one of the common needs of humans today. Its usage varies with the location as in places with extremely cold weather – they are a necessity. So, water heater installation is a must for many people. A person must install a water heater that lasts for a longer period. People should choose a water heater not only with plenty of features but should also come with a longer warranty period. Water heaters have a great lifespan of about ten years.

Water heaters can be gas, electric, solar or tankless. One can choose any of them according to their requirements. All water heaters have some features different from the other, making them suitable for all the different situations. Electric heaters are widely used as one just needs to have an electric condition for it to function. In contrast, solar heaters work on solar energy. Therefore, people should choose the best type of water heater according to their requirements. Let’s discuss various types of water heaters that are discussed below:

Modern Tankless Water Heaters

These water heaters are much smaller than their predecessors. Thus, they also save space instead of only storing the hot water like traditional tanks; they just heat it right before use. It heats water as needed to meet the hot water demands of the household, which uses less power and saves energy bills over time.

Solar-powered Water Heaters

These kinds of heaters need no electrical outlet for use, but they only carry off about 50 percent of their maximum output capacity. They are a bit expensive to purchase, and one should install them depending on their locality, whether a solar will work there or not.

Solar power has benefits over all other types of water heaters besides heating the water right before use as traditional tank models do. It does not produce any air or noise pollution, absorbs very little space, can heat water even in cold climates, and has no installation costs depending on your place’s local codes and ordinances. Solar water heaters are environmentally friendly because they produce no pollution and save your setup costs as long as they are exposed to sunlight.

Gas Water Heaters

They do not need electricity to function like their electric counterparts (cannot be plugged into a wall socket) and can usually produce enough hot water for two bathrooms with one tank. They work more consistently than solar and electric-powered water heaters. However, these tanks are so much more expensive than any other type, and you need to restock them with tanks every 5-8 years, depending on your usage. Well, this is not only a hassle, but it also wastes money because the old tanks still contain water that can be used if they were drained.

Gas-powered models have problems that electric ones can solve. But they do not cost as much as solar power because of the ease of operating them compared to other types. Gas-powered tanks are the most popular type of heater in the US. But sometimes, gas-powered water heaters can usually lose money because of the high cost of operation. Gas-powered water heaters are user-friendly because they do not produce any harmful toxins, can place at a little amount of space, or sometimes can be wall-mounted, and don’t require any additional cost for installation.

Electric Water Heaters

These heaters are the most commonly used. But they are not very efficient because it is rare for them to operate at 100% capacity due to high electric rates, which waste extra energy. So you need to only purchase an 80 percent model if possible. They are cheaper than gas or solar-powered water heaters, but they still use more power than tankless models even though they carry off less power.

Electric tanks work well enough, but gas is more efficient than electric models. These are cheaper than gas or solar-powered water heaters, but they still use more power than tankless models even though they carry off less power.

Key Points To Remember While Choosing The Water Heater Type

The technology in tankless water heaters is much more advanced than the other types. Because they are not connected to anything except a gas line that heats up very quickly compared to electric or solar-powered devices. Also, it can be purchased and installed easily. Although tankless water heaters are very expensive compared to other types, they pay for themselves by producing more hot water than any other type. Therefore, people should always think of these water heaters as an option to choose amongst the various water heaters present in the market.

Fuel type is very crucial in a water heater, as water heater runs on one or the other fuel. Fuel is the requirement of the water heater to function. In today’s world, two of the most popular fuels on which most of the water heater works are electricity and gas.

So, you should always be clear with the type of water heater while you are planning for water heater installation in Los Angeles. You can choose the water heater according to your choice, needs, location, place, budget, usage, and compatibility.

Size Of The Water Heater

Apart from the type of the water heaters, one of the important points to keep in mind is the size of the water heater. As people get it mounted in their walls, people must get a compact size water heater. A small size water heater is never a bad option, as it has all the amazing features that a bulky water heater has and takes less space. A large-size water heater becomes difficult to be placed perfectly in a selected area, as it is large. Hence, people should always keep a note of the size of the water heater.

Check The Quality Of Elements Of Water Heater

It is also necessary to check for leaks before purchase. You should attach the included pressure gauges and turn on your water heater. If you find any leaks or corrosion, then change your product immediately. Otherwise, it can be very dangerous for you if the unit explodes or catches fire due to leaking gas or other issues.

If you get hard water at your place, then you should pay attention to the materials of the tank and heating element. These things come in direct contact with hard water that has a high content of magnesium and calcium. Sometimes, hard water would lead to decreased corrosion, efficiency, and shorten the lifespan of your heater. Also, it can increase the maintenance cost of your water heater.

Safety Features

Also, if you don’t want a maintenance hassle for a long time, then you should consider buying a unit that has an automatic gas valve shut-off feature. However, the device is more expensive, but it cuts out automatically in case of any emergencies. It also reduces the risk of water heater fire and explosions.

If you want to save money in the future, you should purchase a unit with a high energy factor. The device will save water and money in the future. However, if your family is large and you want to use more hot water, then it is necessary to buy a higher energy-efficient unit.

The simplest kind is the storage tank that sits on top of the home’s hot water line and heats it right before use. It will last about 10 years but needs to be drained every 6 months because minerals from the water collect in the bottom of this type of heater. And eventually, rust the internal part if they are not taken out by draining it every six months or so, depending on your place’s local codes and ordinances. This decline in quality over time causes higher energy bills year after year, which makes them more expensive to run.

Check Warranty Period Of Water Heater

To make it easier for consumers, most manufacturers provide warranty information. You should purchase a product with the longest warranty possible in case you have to repair or change it. If your unit is damaged beyond repair, always check for replacement parts before buying a new one.

Installation Process Of Water Heater

Another factor to consider is the water heater installation. Some people want to do it themselves while some prefer that the professionals conduct the job for them. Keep in mind that if you want to save money, then you can just install water heater yourself. But you need to know how to do it first. However, if you want to guarantee safety, then go for a professional installation of the water heater in Los Angeles.

Energy Consumption

The consumption of energy for water heater depends on several factors that are following:

  • The temperature of the input water
  • The volume of water used at your place.
  • Preference temperature of the water by people
  • Colder places always need more heating for water than warmer places.

Maintenance Of Water Heater

The last factor is that you should not forget about water heater maintenance. You should be responsible enough to check on the tank now and then because this way, you will avoid malfunctions or damages caused by neglect. Also, always stay updated on the tips to maintain a water heater at home. One will get the best water heater maintenance in Los Angeles, with great experience and skillful employees.


In the above-mentioned points, we have gone through various points that one needs to keep in mind while purchasing and installing a water heater. Heaters can provide you with warm water so that you can easily perform all your tasks related to water in cold weather. In various countries where water heaters are extensively used likewise, new water heater installation services in Los Angeles are extremely trending. After going through this blog, people will get a clear idea to choose the perfect water heater for themselves from the huge market of water heaters.

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