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Steps To Follow If You Notice Water Heater Leaking

leakage from water heater

Nothing is more frustrating than finding clogged water around the water heater. This looks like another mess that added up in your household chores. If you are your homeowner, you might find many day-to-day risks regarding your space’s plumbing and water heater maintenance systems. In that case, the first thing which comes to your mind is water heater repair by experts.

Are you pondering how much money it would cost to repair? If your water heater is showing issues suddenly, there may be something fishy inside it. Try to overcome the damages, so you don’t have the issues in the future. In this article, we will talk about the causes of tankless water heater leaks and what should be your first step when you notice a leakage in water heater.

Water Leak Detection

Major Causes Of Water Heater Leakage

Loose Pipes Connections

Are any water heater pipes connected loosely? Sometimes tightening those loosely connected pipes doesn’t work. In this case, a replacement is an ultimate solution.

Drain valve

The water heater contains a drain valve designed to prevent the sediment inside the water heater. Suppose you are continuously experiencing the dripping sounds or leakage of water; you need to hire a best plumber as soon as possible before it releases water. If your drain valve is broken, replace it with a new one.


Like any other thing water heater also comes with a certain life expectancy. If you suspect the deteriorating effects of aging in your water heater, it would be good to replace it with the new one. The water heater is durable, and it can continuously work without any issues for up to ten years if they are fully maintained. If anyone feels that their water heater is malfunctioning, it may be worth visiting the professionals and asking them to install a new water heater.

Issues In The Water Tank

What would you do if you find that your water heater is leaking because of the tank itself? Resolving an issue in a water heater tank is a tough process. It might take a lot of money and effort to resolve the issue. It will be good to hire experts and ask them to review the tank.

Problems In Inlets And Outlets

When it comes to water heater damage then, it causes maybe because of the hot and cold inlets and outlets. The chances of damage are higher in these areas, so review these parts regularly to be aware of the situation beforehand.

Temperature And Pressure Relief Valve

When you count the causes of water heater leakage, temperature and pressure relief valve can also be the reason. When you use the valve with excessive pressure, it could start malfunctioning. As a result, it will raise the water heater temperature excessively, ultimately damaging the water heater performance and causing a leak.

High Water Pressure

When the water heater thermostat temperature is set to high, the T&P valve will start releasing water. Apart from that, the water quality and water pressure also deteriorate the supply tank and cause cracks in the supply tank. As a result, the water will burst out and cause leakage.

Now the question will be, what would you do if you find these causes in your space? What step should be taken first for water heater installation? These are the most common question which pops up in our mind whenever we are stuck in the situations like these. To help you out here, we share some quick steps you should try initially.

Water Leak Detection

Steps To Follow When You Notice Leaks In Water Heater

Water heaters are the most reliable equipment for the home, which work in good condition without any issue. But to run this more smoothly, you need to give it proper maintenance. As long as you take good care of it, it works in the best way. When the water heater leaks, the consequences can be dangerous.

Take quick action if you don’t want to try the condition to a worse stage. Even a loose connection in the pipe and a needle-like hole can cause a flood that will wreck your flooring. The water clogs build mold and further damage your property. So, it is necessary to try the below discussed things.

Troubleshooting Is A Must

There are many causes of water heater leakage, which we mentioned earlier. So, the first thing one should do is inspect the cause of the water leak. Assess the proper investigation and detect what’s the reason behind this. If the leak is not obvious, you should closely examine all the components and if the situation worsens over time, hire a professional for tankless water heater repair.

Switch Off The Power Circuits & Water Supply

Once you have successfully detected the power circuits, it’s time to switch off the power lines. If anyone has a gas-powered water heater, then turn off the knob. In the next step, you should turn off the water supply so that no more water can flow into the unit. If there is no shutoff valve available on your water heater, then shut off the water supply line of your home.

Look For repairing

After closing or shutting off all the electric and water lines, it’s time to start building strategies to repair them. Some leakage can be resolved independently, but leave it to the experts if the situation is not under your hand. Call a water heater repair expert and ask for quick help.

Drain The Water Tank

In the next step, drain the water tank. For this, attach the garden hose to the drain valve, and the water tank will be drained fully within 30 minutes. Clean up the tank and avoid the situations like this by scheduling a water heater repair on time. If nothing is working for you, a water heater replacement would be a great choice.

Water Leak Detection

Why Is It Necessary To Maintain A Water Heater?

Water heater maintenance is beneficial if you want to run this water heater for a long time. To run it smoothly, you need to watch the anode. This water heater is responsible for gathering and generating the debris inside the tank. By giving it a regular checkup, you can allow the water heater to run smoothly.

Keep your water heater in good condition because it helps the equipment run efficiently. You can make your money worth it when you offer proper maintenance. In this way, you can save your home basement from damage. Before the water heater starts signifying you of the problems, give quick access to the water heater repairs.


By following the above initial steps, you can get over the leakage. If anyone suspects a leak in their commercial or residential space, you should act first. If the water leakage is worsening your property for too long, and you are spending a lot of money on repairs and parts replacements, then it’s high time to change the water heater. Connect with the tankless water heater installation and repair company.

After reading the above article, you don’t need to experience the water leaking because it makes you helpless and confused. Follow effective troubleshooting steps and get back your water heater in working order.

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