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Best Strategies For Identifying And Repairing A Slab Leak

identify and repair slab leak

Slab leaks can be devastating for your property! The earlier you can find and get rid of it, the better it will be. Slab leaks happen for a variety of reasons. Some are preventable, and some are not. However, there are certain signs you can always look for to identify a hidden slab leak. If you have doubts about a possible slab leak in your property, you could call a slab leak detection crew. EZ Leak Detection provides necessary services for complete slab leak detection and subsequent repair.

In order to identify a slab leak, you should at first understand what causes it. The top natural reasons for slab leaks are earthquakes, acidic water, corrosion, floods, hurricane, etc. If there has been a natural disaster in recent times, the chances of slab leaks in the future are high. On the other hand, bad pipes, water supply systems, and water damage are the ones that you can prevent on your own. So always check for the pressure of water, the material of pipes, and signs of water damage in your property.

Excellent Ways To Identify A Slab Leak

To identify a slab leak, you should follow these steps:

Check For The Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a clear sign of slab leaks in a property. As the root cause of slab leak is leaky pipes underneath the floor, you may think that they will always be visible. That is not the case at all. Your property can be built differently. Therefore, medium-sized leaks may not show signs of water damage on the foundation immediately. However, if your property has low water pressure than usual, the chances are water is being constantly wasted in some other part of your house. If you are noticing decreased water pressure for more than two days, you should call a leak detection service.

Higher Than Average Water Bills

Due to the slab leak, water is being constantly wasted in some part of the house, whether it is visible or not. That is why it is very normal to have very high water bills. If you have received a higher than average water bill for straight 2-3 months, you can consider a thorough leak detection. Leaks underneath your slabs can persist for a long time without being noticed. This is one of the techniques to find out a slab leak before it becomes a big problem.

Wet & Damp Slabs

This one is very obvious. If you find out wet and damp spots on your floors without any reason, you have a high chance of slab leak. You can immediately call a slab leak repair service for detection, assessment, and repair.

One thing to consider with wet and damp slabs is hot spots. Try walking barefoot once in a while around your house. If you notice hot spots for a while, there might be a slab leak.

Mold Growth

While mold growth can happen due to many reasons, a slab leak is very common among them. If you have molds on your slabs, you may have a slab leak problem. Even if you clean the mold without addressing the underlying cause, the mold will come back. This is why call a slab leak repair specialist to accurately detect the area of the slab leak.

Weird Noise From Floor

If you start noticing hissing sounds or sounds of running water, you might have a bad case of a slab leak. Now sounds of running water are not that unusual in a property. This is why you can do a test by yourself. Turn off all the faucets and wait for a couple of minutes. If the sound still exists, you can call an emergency slab leak specialist to find out the leaking pipes.

Now, you know whether there is a slab leak in your home or not. Ticking right on any of the red flags of slab leaks need immediate assistance of professionals to fix the slab leaks.

5 Best Slab Leak Repair Options

Here are the expert ways to repair the slab leaks quickly and safeguard your property.

Breaking The Slabs

First, you have to pinpoint the location of the leak. Professional slab leak repair companies have sophisticated tools and technologies for accurately detecting the location of leaks. Once you have identified the leak, you will break through it to access the leaking pipe.

This is the most invasive method and often not recommended. Although, this method can come in handy if there is a single leak and there is no other way to access the leak. EZ Leak Detection only uses this option as a last resort. While breaking the slabs, a professional company will keep the waste to a minimum and clean the premise afterward.


The old leaking pipe is abandoned in this method. Instead of the old pipe, technicians install a new pipe with a new route. This is a good option if the entire line is faulty and has multiple leaks. The detectors use their equipment to find the lines with leaks, and then they plan out how to install new pipes and abandon the old ones. The most common technique is to discard the lines beneath the floor and re-route from the walls or attic.

Although this is less invasive than straight-up breaking, the plumbers will have to cut here and there.


The process is simple. Remove the entire old pipe and install a new one instead. It is a bit more costly than re-routing because it will involve more breaking of the slabs. There are many properties where you cannot simply re-route the pipe. There might be regulations against it, or it is not practical. Re-piping is great for pipes with significant damage.


It is the least invasive technique for your indoors. The slab leak repair team will simply find out the area of the leak and access it through a tunnel which will be dug from outside of your house. Although this might sound very easy, it is a lot of work, and owners often avoid it. Tunneling can also be time-consuming. If saving your floor is a high priority and you can wait for a few days, you can go for this method.

One of the main advantages of this method is that it allows you to replace a bigger part of your pipe, so your repair will last very long. If your property does not support re-routing, this might be a better option instead.

New Pipes Inside The Old Ones

This method is often ignored, but it can work well if correctly done. A new pipe is inserted inside the old leaked pipe, making the leak obsolete. One of the downsides is the diameter of pipes will shrink, resulting in a reduced water flow. This method will not work with pipes of a small diameter.

However, this method is quite non-invasive and requires little breaking, if any. So you can talk about options with your slab leak specialist.

As you can see, there are many options for slab leak repair. But the most important thing is to find the leaks accurately. Once that is done, the rest will follow. You should always hire companies with expertise and experience for detection and repair. One small mistake can cause you to lose a lot of money in the future. So, if you are suffering from slab leaks, EZ Leak Detection can become your trusted company for slab leak detection and repair.

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