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Slab Leak: Signs and how to fix a slab leak?

Slab Leak Repair

Leaks can occur anytime in any home. Find a professional for slab leak repair in Carlsbad to fix the issue. Sometimes, if the leak is small, you can fix it yourself. Minor leaks in faucets can be quickly fixed, but if you talk about slab leaks, they cannot be detected on your own.

What is a slab leak?

Slab leak refers to those types of leaks that occur beneath the foundation of the home. If, by chance, they are left untreated, they can easily damage the overall foundation structure of the house.

Most of the homes are built on a concrete foundation, and under this concrete slab, many plumbing lines pass through. A slab leak happens when there is a leak in any section of the pipe or due to a pinhole leak in any of the pipes.

Signs that show there is a slab leak in your home

It is not possible to detect a leak in the underground plumbing as soon as it occurs. The leak remains invisible, but over time it starts showing some signs. If you find any of the signs, you need to quickly identify the possibility of a slab leak. It is possible through slab leak detection services in Carlsbad. Professionals offering slab leak repair in Carlsbad also offer leak detection services.

Every homeowner can take some measures to identify the chances of slab leaks if they see any of these signs.

Warm spots on the floor

If your home flooring has abnormally warm spots, it could be a sign of a slab hot water line leak. If the floor has carpet or linoleum, it is pretty easy to spot the warm water. But if you have tiles on the floor, the warm spots only emerge when the water damage is severe enough to cause the water to appear in the space between the tiles.

Pets get attracted to warm spots. If you own pets and if they seem to have changed their resting place to a new spot, check for warm spots by removing the carpets.

Cracks in walls and foundation

Water leaking from a burst or damaged slab pipe can seep upwards over time to enter the walls and penetrate the foundation. Gradually, they cause water damage to various structural elements in the house. If you find damp spots or excessive moisture on walls, you need to check for signs of a water leak. Find a professional offering slab leak detection and repair services. These are licensed plumbers who can verify the source of the leak, whether it is under the slabs or behind the walls.

High Water bill

With water constantly leaking from a pipe, unnoticed for weeks or a few months, water bills will get higher. If you are aware of your water consumption, you will be able to judge whether the water meter record is high due to your water usage or a leak.

You could also do a simple experiment. Turn off all water sources in your home and check the water meter. Keep the water sources turned off for two or more hours, and check the water meter again. If it is still running, it is usually because of a leak. According to slab leak detection in Carlsbad, experts’ hike in water bills is one of the early signs showing a slab leak in a home.

Running water sound

This is another telltale sign showing a slab leak in your property. If you hear the sound of running water even when no faucets or other water sources are on, it could be water leaking into the concealed plumbing. With a leak detector, you can check the source of the leak behind the walls if you have wall plumbing. It is a good idea to call an emergency plumber in Carlsbad.

The home water pressure has decreased.

In case of a severe leak in your home, the water which comes from the faucets will be low. Leaks cause low water pressure issues.

Options to fix the slab leak issue

If you suspect a slab leak, your first step should be to call a slab leak repair in Carlsbad professional as soon as possible. They will come home and inspect the home properly to find the leak’s location with the help of their latest equipment. Apart from that, they also go for a video inspection to find the exact location of the leak so that they can repair the issue properly.

Some of the repair options to fix the slab leak are: –

Trenchless slab leak repair

This is one of the slab leak repair options which needs minor demolition. The slab leak repair in Carlsbad experts will create an access hole in the home to do the slab leak repair. According to professionals, it is one of the most non-invasive methods available nowadays without much charge. However, on how to fix a slab leak repair, Carlsbad plumbing experts will take the help of epoxy pipes to seal the cracked pipe.

Moreover, to find the extent of the damage, they will do the camera inspection so that they can fix the problem correctly, and the process of repairing will be complete within a few hours. In addition, if the water lines are severely damaged, the experts will go for pipe splitting in which new pipes are inserted while replacing the old ones.


If direct access repairs cost you thousands of dollars, you can disable the slab pipes and choose to reroute a new pipe inside the foundation’s concrete. This method is again one of the easiest ones, which needs less demolition.

Tunneling under the slab

Many homes have expensive flooring, and homeowners want to salvage it; because of this, they go for tunneling under the slab method. In this method, the repair crew will keep all the mess out of the home so you can stay inside the house.

The slab leak repair experts will dig tunnels under the house without affecting the structural integrity of the home. Once the repair is done, they will return the soil to its original position.

The bottom line

Trust only licensed slab leak repair in Carlsbad plumbers for the work. The reason is they have enough experience in this field and will do flawless work at an affordable price.

EZ Leak Detection is the one-stop solution for all your leak repair needs. They have a team of professional plumbers with wide experience, a great deal of knowledge, and the best tools to repair leaks efficiently.

Apart from that, the company offers many other comprehensive services across California at an affordable price so every homeowner can take their services. For more information, give us a call. We do not charge for the initial consultation.

Title:- Slab Leak: Signs and how to fix a slab leak?

Meta:- Sometimes if the leak is small, you can fix it yourself. Here are some signs of slab leaks and tips to fix them.

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