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Residential Cause and Origin Experts in San Diego

To Detect the Exact Cause and Location of Water, Fire, or Mold Damage

EZ hires experts who are bonded, insured, and IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified. Our experts can use their years of experience and practical knowledge to accurately detect the source of mysterious leaks. We also use sophisticated technology and non-invasive methods to detect the cause and location of water damage, mold damage, fire damage, or troublesome leaks. Our cause and origin investigation determines the immediate and proximate factors that led to the damage and the place where the damage first began.

Natural causes for water and fire damage such as lightning, storms, floods, and other natural disasters are usually covered by insurance policies. However, your insurance company might refuse to pay for any damage that took place due to the owner’s negligence. EZ’s residential cause and origin experts in San Diego can easily identify flood damage by observing the lines on the drywall and other surfaces.

They can also determine if water was blown in through the windows, doors, and roof during a storm. Our fire damage investigators can draw from their years of experience to identify the exact cause of the fire. We also have in-house damage restoration experts who can restore your property to its pre-damage condition. Call us anytime for more information about our services.

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    Cause and Origin Investigation in California

    Damaged wallpapers, warped flooring, mold and mildew, stained ceilings and walls, or unexpectedly high water bills could be signs of a leak in your plumbing system. Plumbing leaks require immediate attention because they could lead to severe water damage to your property. Detecting the source of a mystery leak can often prove to be a frustrating task.

    Instead of taking up such a stressful task yourself, you can rely on EZ’s leak detection experts to accurately determine the cause and origin of the leak. EZ’s experts use thermal imaging, noise loggers, tracer gas detectors, acoustic leak detectors, leak correlators, and other such state-of-the-art equipment to detect the origin of any water leak quickly and efficiently.

    In the unfortunate event of fire damage to your property, we can identify the cause of the fire as quickly as possible. Our experts can also provide detailed reporting in the format specified by your insurance carrier. Call us now to know more about our residential cause and origin services in California.

    1.Water Damage

    Water damage can have numerous causes including natural events such as floods and storms, plumbing leaks, drain backups, and more. Your insurance carrier might order a cause and origin investigation following water damage. EZ’s experts detect the exact cause of the water damage in very little time..

    2.Fire Damage

    EZ’s cause and origin experts in San Diego will respond quickly to any fire damage in California. We apply all the scientific principles mentioned in the NFPA 921 guidelines for fire and explosion investigations. We can identify fires caused by faulty wiring, indoor smoking, gas-driven equipment, or any other source.

    3.Mold Damage

    If your insurance policy includes mold damage coverage, we can determine if the seepage of water during a recent flood, storm, or hurricane was responsible for mold growth. If it turns out that a natural event has caused the damage, we can provide detailed reports so that your insurance company can pay for the cleanup.

    4.Mystery Leaks

    EZ provides 24/7 leak detection services to determine the exact cause and location of plumbing leaks. We use thermal imaging, tracer gas detection, acoustic detection, and video pipe inspections to instantly detect leaks so that our in-house plumbing repair experts can fix the leak and avert major water damage.


    Cause and Origin Analysis in California

    has Several Benefits

    The stress caused by a disaster does not and when the fire has been extinguished or when the accumulated water has been extracted from your property. Often, the most stressful part of any damage restoration process is the insurance claim. There might be prolonged debates with insurance carriers regarding the cause of the damage.

    In such circumstances, it is essential to establish the exact cause and origin of the damage to get your insurance company to pay for its restoration. If for some reason, your insurance company is initially unwilling to pay for the damage, you can use our reports as evidence to convince them to overturn their decision. We also maintain reports and evidence for future litigation.

    EZ’s residential cause and origin services can also help you trace the source of plumbing leaks of dubious origin. If you have noticed a sudden spike in your water bills without any apparent reason, our cause and origin experts can use advanced leak detection equipment to determine if a plumbing leak is causing unnecessary wastage of water. You can also call our emergency 24/7 leak detection experts if you notice damp carpets, mold growth, discolored walls and ceilings, or low water pressure. Immediate detection of the cause and origin of the leak will help you avoid spending a lot of money on expensive repairs in the future.

    Why Choose

    EZ For Cause and Origin

    Investigation in California?

    EZ hires licensed, bonded, and background-checked cause and origin experts who are made to undergo rigorous training programs before they are deemed fit to serve our customers. We know that damage to your property due to leaks or natural disasters can take place at unexpected hours. That is why our services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our vehicles are always stocked with leak detection equipment so that no time is wasted in identifying the exact cause, location, and extent of the leak.

    We always place a lot of emphasis on reaching the site of the leak or damage within an hour of your call. Our services are by no means restricted to fire, water, and mold damage. We also help homeowners detect the exact cause and location of leaks that might be contributing to an unexpected spike in water bills. We can determine the cause of damp carpets, walls, and ceilings. EZ’s services are reasonably priced and we offer special discount packages for seniors, teachers, fire service, police, and military personnel. Call us today for a free service call.

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