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Non-Destructive Slab Leak Repair in California

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Repairing slab leaks underneath the concrete slab foundation of your home or office building can be an intimidating prospect for most people. Most plumbing repair experts punch numerous holes through the floor and even dig up tunnels to repair the leaking pipes. EZ’s non-destructive slab leak repair in California is unique because we strive to repair slab leaks effectively while ensuring that the damage to your flooring or concrete foundation is kept to a bare minimum.

No matter how serious your slab leak is, our trained, licensed, and bonded experts can fix the leak with little or no disturbance to your flooring. If one or two holes have to be made during the repair process, our experts will ensure that your flooring is restored to its pre-damage state before they leave the place. EZ specializes in pipe bursting and epoxy pipe lining repairs.

These repair methods are preferred by most of our customers as they are non-destructive slab leak repair methods that do not require much digging to gain access to the leaking pipe. We also carry out slab leak rerouting with minimal excavations. Call us today for 100% guaranteed non-destructive slab leak repair in California.

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    We Offer Trenchless Slab Leak Detection and Minimally Invasive

    Slab Leak Repairs in California

    At Affordable Rates

    EZ uses 100% non-destructive slab leak repair techniques and equipment. That means we do not use jackhammers to cut through your concrete slabs while detecting or repairing slab leaks. To detect the source of the leak, we use trenchless slab leak detection methods such as pressure testing, acoustic listening, electronic leak detection, thermal imaging, and video camera pipe inspections.

    Once we have accurately detected the source of the leak, our experts will cut a small hole in your flooring to access the leaking pipe and repair or replace the damaged section of the pipe. Our non-destructive slab leak repairs are hassle-free and inexpensive. We do not make any decision without your approval. Get in touch with us now to protect your building from irreparable damage.

    1.Trenchless Slab Leak Detection

    Our non-destructive slab leak detection services in California make use of electromagnetic pipeline detectors and electronic amplification equipment to pinpoint the slab leak without digging any holes. We also use thermal imaging and other equipment too.

    2.Non-Destructive Pipe Bursting

    This method involves minimal digging to gain access to the leak. EZ’s experts insert a new pipe made up of durable material that has a diameter larger than the damaged pipe. As the new pipe is pushed through, the old pipe is automatically destroyed without any need for extensive excavations.

    3.Epoxy Pipe Lining

    Our pipe lining experts will insert a pipe coating made up of epoxy resin into the damaged or leaking pipe. The pipe liner is provided with an inflatable tube. When this tube is inflated, it presses against the inner wall of the pipe. When this coating dries up and forms an entirely new pipe within the damaged one.

    4.Non-Destructive Pipe Rerouting

    Our slab leak re-routing services in California can effectively repair your slab leak with minimum destruction. Our experts will terminate the damaged pipeline and route a new one through the walls, attic, or the exterior of your building. We use durable materials like copper and PEX.

    Signs That Indicate You Might Require Our

    Slab Leak Repair Services in California?

    Hot Spots: If you notice persistent hot spots in the flooring of your bathroom, kitchen, or living room, it is quite likely that a hot water line underneath your concrete foundation is leaking.

    Mold and Mildew: Slab leaks can cause mold and mildew formation in the same region over a prolonged period. Often, you might be able to smell the mold or mildew although you might not notice it. So, the next time you notice mold formation, call our slab leak detection experts immediately.

    Sound of Running Water: One of the prominent signs of a slab leak is the sound of running water through your pipes even when no faucet is turned on. This sound will persist even when you turn off the water supply.

    Fall in Water Pressure: A leak in your plumbing system can drastically bring down your water pressure. If the water flow from your faucet or your shower is not as powerful as before, you might have a slab leak issue.

    High Water Bills: Slab leaks can lead to the wastage of a large amount of water. If you have noticed an unexpected spike in your water bills recently, a slab leak might be responsible.

    Why Should You Choose EZ’s

    Trenchless Slab Leak Repair


    It is never advisable to ignore signs of a slab leak in your property. Over time, slab leaks can cause extensive damage to the structure of your building. Slab leaks can warp your flooring and lead to cracks in your walls and flooring. Repairing the water damage caused by a slab leak can put a significant dent in your wallet. Besides, they also cause persistent wastage of water and result in elevated water bills. EZ leaves no stone unturned to bring down your long-term expenses. That is why we respond promptly to your emergency calls and reach your doorstep within an hour of your call. We carry out immediate slab leak detection and repair to limit the extent of the damage caused by the slab leak.

    EZ cares for the health and well-being of its customers. We not only repair slab leaks but offer mold remediation services for any mold growth that might have taken place due to the leak. We use HEPA air scrubbers to remove hazardous mold spores from the air you breathe in. Our emergency slab leak repair services are available 24X7. Do not hesitate to call for EZ’s professional assistance anytime.

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