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Same Day Emergency Service Reroutes in California

Can Protect Your Property From Major Damage

Plumbing leaks can cause you a lot of stress, especially if you discover them at unexpected moments. Ignoring a plumbing leak can have disastrous consequences for both homeowners and business owners. They can cause extensive water damage in your home or office space and pose severe health hazards such as sewage contamination and mold infestation. EZ offers same day emergency service reroutes to ensure that leaks in your plumbing system do not cause irreversible damage to your property.

If you discover a water leak in the middle of the night, do not wait until the next morning to call for professional assistance. EZ’s same day plumbing emergency service is available 24/7 for immediate reroutes that can prevent your property from being flooded with water. Our experts can effectively deal with all kinds of plumbing emergencies including overflowing toilets, slab leaks, sewage backup, clogs, breaks in water supply lines, and more.

Our vehicles are always fully packed with emergency plumbing repair equipment so that our plumbers can get down to work the moment they arrive at your location. We also use cutting-edge technology to quickly and effectively detect leaks. Call our emergency leak detection and emergency repair services today.

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    Ignoring signs of a leak or a clog in your plumbing system could have extremely unpleasant consequences. A small leak could soon develop into a major plumbing issue that might require expensive repairs. Besides, leaks and drain backups that are not fixed immediately could also cause flooding in your property. Other health hazards such as mold formation and sewage spills are extremely common.

    This is precisely why EZ’s experts are available 24/7 for same day emergency service reroutes. Our services are comprehensive and affordable. We have great concern for your health and well-being That is why we also offer emergency sewage removal and mold remediation services. Call EZ whenever you encounter a plumbing emergency and we shall take care of the rest.

    1.Sewer Line and Drain Reroutes

    Severe sewer and drain backups can prove to be a threat to the well-being of your family. Most often, sewage contamination can be curbed by carrying out immediate drain and sewer line reroutes. Once the emergency has been averted, we can also repipe your sewer lines to prevent recurrent issues.

    2.Slab Leak Reroutes


    Slab leaks can also warp your floors, damage your walls and ceiling, and cause a spike in your water bills. Call EZ’s slab leak repair experts for emergency reroutes. We also carry out slab leak re-piping and epoxy pipe lining for a non-destructive long-term solution to the slab leak.

    3.Bathroom Plumbing Reroutes

    Bathroom pipe leaks can be very inconvenient. EZ’s experts specialize in emergency bathroom plumbing reroutes. We make sure that the new bathroom pipes have an adequate slope for proper drainage. We ensure that you do not have to face any plumbing issues for a long time to come.

    4.Waterline Reroutes

    A broken or damaged water supply line is a major plumbing emergency. EZ will respond promptly to your emergency call and reroute the damaged line immediately to restore an uninterrupted water supply. We use high-quality PEX pipes or copper pipes while rerouting pipelines to reduce long-term repair costs.

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    Immediately If You Notice Signs of Leaks

    A decrease in the water pressure from your faucets might be a sign of a hidden leak that might need same day emergency service plumbing reroutes. Another common sign of a leak is a sudden spike in your water bill. Hissing sounds and other unusual noises from your pipelines are also indications that something is wrong with your plumbing system. Slab leaks can cause large-scale structural damage to your property. If you notice damp spots on your floor or hear the sound of running water even when no faucet is turned on, there might likely be a slab leak under the concrete slab foundation of your building. Wet spots in your lawn and an offensive odor of sewer gas are indicative of a break in your sewer line.

    If you notice any of the above signs of damage to your plumbing system, do not hesitate to call EZ’s plumbing emergency rerouting services in California. We use the latest leak detection equipment such as acoustic listeners, thermal imaging equipment, leak correlators, electromagnetic pipeline detectors, and electronic leak detectors to pinpoint the exact location and extent of the leak. EZ’s emergency leak detection services in California also include video camera pipe inspections to assess the condition of your pipelines.

    Our experts use the video footage to suggest appropriate solutions to your plumbing issues. If rerouting alone is not enough to solve all your plumbing issues, we can carry out comprehensive repiping and epoxy pipe lining too.

    What Makes EZ’s

    Same Day Emergency Service


    EZ’s experts are renowned all over California for their skills and experience. They can draw from their years of experience to instantly solve plumbing emergencies regardless of their nature and extent. Our experts are extremely courteous. If you have any questions regarding our plumbing services, we will gladly answer them all. We emphasize effective communication with our customers at every stage of the emergency reroute or repair process. Although we might suggest a suitable plan of action, your decision will be considered final. For decades, EZ has achieved high levels of customer satisfaction and our positive customer reviews are evidence of our dedicated services.

    Our same day emergency service reroutes are affordable and fairly priced. We provide upfront pricing with no hidden charges. We also install plumbing fixtures that minimize the wastage of water. If you are a senior or teacher, or are employed by the police, military, or fire services, you might be eligible for our special 15% discount offer. Call us today for more information.

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