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Most Common Reasons for Residential Water Damage

water damage in residential property

Water damage problems can happen for several reasons, and whatever the cause, it can be tough to clean up and fix it. It can be very effective if you minimize the risk of water damage and flooding in your home by understanding the most common causes and how to prevent them.

When water seeps in through different house areas, a building may suffer from significant water damage. Damage from water can discolour walls, warp floors, produce mold, and even lead to vermin infestations. A leak detected too late can lead to advanced water damage, which may weaken the foundation of your home.

The main cause of damage can be hurricanes, floods, or extreme weather conditions, although leaks in the plumbing system or a broken sprinkler system can also be the reason for water damage. But how would you recognize these symptoms? What are the early signs of probable water damage?

Here are the five most common causes of water damage you should watch out for:

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Common Causes For Residential Water Damage

1. Burst Pipe Or Leaky Water Heater

A loosely fitted pipe or a burst pipe can cause water leak. Slowly and gradually, it will damage everything around it. An increase of pressure in the system triggered due to failure in pressure release valves. Also, other components of the unit can cause a hot water tank to burst.

A problem in the pipes can also create water pressure problems. Fluctuations in the water pressure level can induce flooding into the house. It is even worse if the leaks occur within the walls; burst pipes not only damage the surroundings but also result in damage to the entire wall and initiate mold growth.

It may be difficult for you to notice silent leaks or failure in components, but an annual checkup by professionals can help in detecting water leaks. Otherwise, water damage repair can be more problematic and expensive than regular or annual leak checks.

2. Leaks From Air Conditioners

Condensation can form around pipes when you use your air conditioners. The moisture formed around will drip into a drainpipe. Through that drainpipe, water will get directed outside the house. Thus, you can control excess moisture. Effective removal of the moisture is essential. However, this process will get affected if either the drain pipe or condensate drain line gets damaged.

The remaining moisture or excessive condensation, if produced due to failure in components, can leak from the AC unit. It will become problematic for your residence. This slow leaking water will not only damage floors and walls but also put your insulation system in danger.

3. Gray Water Damage

Gray water damage can be more harmful and dangerous than clean water damage (damage caused by leaking pipes, extreme rain, faucet left open, or broken water line). In contrast, cleaning water damage is easier to solve and repair because you can resolve the problem just by finding the source and fixing it. But with gray water damage, it is much more complex to manage and repair. It involves contaminated water from broken sewers, chemical waste disposals, or disposals from detergents and soaps.

It is more injurious to health because it encourages bacterial growth in the affected areas. Exposure to infected areas can prove to be harmful to you or your family’s health. You should take care to avoid getting exposed to such water damage. Even if you do experience any signs of gray water damage, you should immediately seek help from a professional water damage restoration company.

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4. Clogged Gutters

This may be one of the easiest to notice among the other early signs of water damage. A clogged gutter can be the source of overflowing water or cause small leaks in the piping system around your house.

Pipes go all over and around your house, and leaks can damage ceilings, floors, your favourite wall paintings, wooden furniture or wooden home decor. If this water damage spreads excessively, it may need emergency water damage repair. Also, it can be the root of problems like keeping surrounding areas damp, growth of mold and bacteria, rotten wood, or damage to the foundation.

You can try quick fixes to these problems, such as ventilating your house properly, using bleach solutions or using gutter cleaning acids. But you may need help from a professional water damage restoration company to get a permanent solution and avoid future problems.

5. Septic Tanks

If there has been a recent flood situation or extreme weather conditions that could damage your property, or you have noticed that your toilets aren’t flushing properly, your drains are emptying slowly, sewage build-ups in your sink drain, these symptoms may be because of flooding in your septic system.

A clogged or flooded septic tank can cause widespread ground contamination. When you experience a leak or some other problem with your septic system, you might think of it as a minor inconvenience. However, the issue can sometimes be more severe than you think.

Contaminated water can spread contagious diseases or act as breeding grounds and cause structural damage. It can prove to be much more dangerous if left unattended or avoided for a long time. So, call water damage restoration professionals to restrict the further damage.

However, depending on the spreading of the leak, it can actually cause damage to your entire home. If the septic tank is placed near your house or the flooded water can reach up to your house, it may cause severe damage to your property, plumbing system, and your lawn area.


Water damage can be unavoidable, and its after-effects can also be challenging to handle alone. Quick fixes such as bleach solutions can give temporary solutions, but you must call a professional water damage repair services for an effective and permanent solution. In case of damages caused due to severe weather conditions, when the situation goes out of control, you can always reach out for help to emergency water damage restoration companies.

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