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Water Damage Restoration In Irvine

Restore Your Home With The Highest Standard Of Service

Water damage is easy to solve when you have a renowned water damage remediation company by your side. If your property has a possible water damage problem, you need to get it inspected and restored as soon as possible because the damage can spread quickly. EZ Leak Detection can become your trusted company for water damage restoration in Irvine.

EZ Leak Detection not only has the required technology but also the right plumbing teams to assess the damage, plan affordable solution, and execute it properly. While doing so, we will keep the time management and quality of our service in mind. Our water damage repair team in Irvine teams include the plumbers having years of experience and relevant certification.

There are a lot of signs that become apparent when water damage becomes severe. The signs include peeling of walls, a kind of musty smells, unusual odor, leaks around house etc. If you notice these symptoms, you should not wait around. Call our emergency team for water damage detection and repair.

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    Professional Water Damage Repair Service On The Same Day

    All-Round Solution You Need To Recover From Water Damage

    EZ Leak Detection has one of the most affordable pricing all over Irvine for water damage and other plumbing services. We are also the most customer-friendly company when it comes to designing packages. However, you can design your own package from scratch if you want to. There are also many readymade water damage packages. So, you can add or subtract as many services as you want. Designing your packages ensures your maximum control over the prices and final bill. Although, you will find out that our packages are also very affordable, to begin with. Along with this, you also get free estimation and consultation at the beginning of every job.


    Water Cleanup

    Water damage equates to a lot of dirty water around the property. With our water damage cleanup services, you will get a thorough cleaning of the entire property. We will clean up every drop of water from the property. We reach hard-to-reach areas that you usually do not access regularly.


    Mold & Odor Removal

    Mold can be very invasive during a water damage problem. There might also be bad odor around the house. Thus, EZ Leak Detection can help get rid of both of them with ease. We use non-toxic, environment-friendly chemicals to get rid of mold and filthy odors.


    Renovation & Retrofitting

    Water damage restoration might need a lot of structural restoration. It can be a great opportunity for renovating and retrofitting around the house. If you have any vision and ideas, contact our consultants and plumbers; so we can act upon it.



    Water damage can harbor deadly microbes on your property. EZ Leak Detection will sanitize your entire property thoroughly. We use solutions that are safe for children and pets. Also, the chemicals and products are EPA and FDA approved.

    Keep Your Property Away From Damage With Expert Assessment And Maintenance

    Water Damage Detection:

    Water damage detection needs to be thorough and proper, as there can be many hidden issues that only come to light when it is too late. However, you can easily avoid these with good equipment and experience. Our detection teams are the best in the state for a reason. For both commercial and residential buildings, our plumbers arrive with all the necessary tools so that the inspection is 100% accurate and complete. We use a multitude of methods to find out hidden leaks, molds, etc.

    Regular Maintenance:

    Regular maintenance can be an excellent way to keep the water damage at bay. According to experts, semi-annual or yearly maintenance is enough to combat sudden water damage. However, after a natural disaster or flood, the chances of water damage are higher. We have a very active maintenance team that is available 365 days a year. The maintenance service includes assessment and minor repairs, but it also produces a report that can come in handy in future jobs. This report can also be used in the future for insurance fillings, selling the property, or clearing things out with authority.

    Experience The Difference – Consistent Quality And Guaranteed Services

    EZ Leak Detection is the go-to company for people in Irvine. Whether you need a flood cleanup serviceor full-fledged water damage restoration in Irvine, we will always be there. As a company, we believe in top-notch 360-degree solutions for plumbing problems. Thus, you do not have to go from company to company to get your property fixed. Everything from the inspection and production sourcing to restoration and revision will be done by us.

    We maintain 100% transparency in our business. Nothing is hidden from you, as experts discuss everything beforehand. There is no hidden bill policy at the end of a service. Whatever steps are necessary will be taken with your full permission, and you can guide, supervise and change course anytime you want.

    We maintain all the relevant plumbing laws in your area. You will never fall into any legal trouble while working with us. Since we are licensed and certified, no warranties are harmed, and if you have insurance, we will bill them directly.

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    Water Damage Restoration in Irvine
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