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How to Troubleshoot a Leaky Water Heater?

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A leaking water heater indicates several problems, such as a loose valve or corroded tank. It is important to act sooner to fix the water heater leaking issue because it may cause more challenges, and you may need to pay a lot of money to fix it. In the worst case, if you act late, you may have to change the water tank, which is quite costly.


Most homeowners try to fix water heater leaking issues on their own to save money, but they lack experience and can create more problems. Whenever you identify that your water heater is leaking, hire an expert for repair water heater in Los Angeles from EZ Leak Detection.


Here’s a brief guide on how to troubleshoot a leaky water heater that can help you save your time and money.

Troubleshooting Leaky Water Heater

Source of water heater leakage can be tough to identify; therefore, follow the following steps to recognize the water leak source precisely and sooner.

Spot The Leakage Area

Moving forward, you may find it hard to resolve your problem if you don’t know the root cause of the leakage. Water heater leakage isn’t a common thing that can occur anytime, even if the plumbing system is new. Therefore, assess the leakage zone and identify the root cause of it.

In most cases the leakage source is in the plumbing system, or water heater itself. Thoroughly check your entire water system and keep the water heater repair tools handy to fix the issue. Contact EZ Leak Detection for more assistance.

Turn Off The Power Supply

Once you spot the leakage, turn off the power supply and water supply simultaneously to ensure no health hazard could occur. In most events, during the repair process, the electric current may spread through the wet surface or wet floors to reach other areas of the home, which is quite dangerous.

Turning off the power supply can keep you safe from being electrocuted. If your water heater or ducts are irreparable, contact a professional from EZ Leak Detection for water heater repair in Los Angeles.

Stop The Water Supply

Turn off the water supply if you spot the leakage in the water ducts. It will help you to manage your problems quite smoothly. Assess the leakage surrounding to find damage caused by it. If water heater leakage is quite severe, then make sure you hire our top-class plumbers for water heater repair.

Check The Water Heater Tank

Older tank-style water heater leaks often. As the water heater ages, its components start to wear out, besides water is also unable to hold its warmth. In this scenario, a leak may occur. Other than the old water heater tank or rust form can cause leakage. Which leads to corrosion, and it allows water to leak through cracks. If the water heater is too old, you may have to replace it.

Assess the Problems Areas

Assess the water leakage area to understand more about the source and cause of leakage. It can be challenging to identify the leakage cause if you do not have such prior experience. For an accurate diagnosis, call an EZ leak Detection professional, they will help you manage water heater repair in Los Angeles.

But below, we have tried to make it easier by illustrating the potential issues and solutions related to water heater leakage. How you can solve them on your own, and which things you will be required to do in due course, take a look to know everything much better.

Fixing Water Heater Leakage Issue

Mentioned below are some special considerations on how to troubleshoot a leaky water heater for an instant resolution. Take a look –

Tighten Loose Pipe Fittings

It’s no surprise that loose pipes are the most common culprit leading to leakage in the water heater. And if your issue is occurring out just because of this specific reason, consider taking necessary action.

To fix the issue, use a wrench and tighten up the loose fittings. These flexible pipes might be attached between your home’s main water supply line and the water heater device. So, locate the leakage and fix it. You should call a plumber if the pipes are solid copper as it is more likely to be challenging for you. The plumber has the modern tools and expertise to fix the water leakage issue.

Adjust The Water Temperature

In most cases, the pressure in the tanks reaches an unsafe level, which may begin to release pressure scalding spray of water on the floor. To identify the issue better, check if the leakage issue is visible at the tank’s bottom, this can be a sign that the tank’s water is too hot. Reduce the temperature or set it to a medium level to resolve the issue. If the problem is persistent, reaching out to the plumber would be the best decision.

Replace A Leaky Drain Valve

You may be required to replace the leaky drain valve as it may cause more problems. Open the valves and let the hose drain all the water out quickly. Once the tank is empty, bring an adjustable wrench into action. Grip the drain valve using the wrench and twist it to the right side or counter-clockwise. Now take this to the store and replace it with a new one. Repeat the similar procedure in the opposite direction to install a new valve in the place of the old one.

Inlet and Outlet Connections

Another most common culprit of leaky water heaters is inlet and outlet connections. However, these aren’t explicitly related to your water heater; still, if the issue appears, you should consider it.

Inlet is a section of the water heater through which cold water enters. Similarly, outlet connections are the water heater sections from where heated water is released.

Both these sections may loosen over time, especially if you are using a decade-old water heater. And if the issue is arriving now, you need to replace or repair the inlet and outlet connection.

Replace The Water Heater Entirely

If water heater maintenance and repair do not work out, replacing the water heater might be the only way to overcome the leakage issue. If leakage occurs in the tank’s bottom, you will have to replace the water heater as it is the only solution.

An aging water heater is one of the biggest contributing factors to leakage. The standard age of the water heater is estimated between 10 to 15 years, But mostly the water heater gets damaged way before because of ignoring its regular maintenance.

Still, you can extend the water heater life with regular inspections and repair services. But only expert water heater repair service providers can tell whether your water heater is in its usable state or the time has arrived to spend on a new one. So consult with an expert from EZ Leak Detection and make the final decision.

Prevention Of Water Heater Leaks

In most events, people encounter leakage issues in the water heater even though the device is new, but with the following suggestion, you can prevent the water heater leakage issues.

Properly Fit The Loose Parts

Without a plumber or a professional water heater service provider, you may struggle to fix leakage yourself unless you have previous experience. Ensure whether all water heater components are tight or not. Any loose part can readily invite leakage issues in your water heater.

Preventive Maintenance

To avoid potential water leakage problems, seek assistance from EZ Leak Detection professionals for water heater maintenance in Los Angeles. If you have bought a new water heater, frequent inspections are essential. Ensure professionals inspect the plumbing system and water heater thoroughly. The preventive measure may eliminate the issue and mitigate the risk of active leaks in adavance.

Drain And Clean Tank

Drain and clean the tank whenever possible. The sediment collection in the tank is the reason that every homeowner faces water heater leakage issues. Empty the tank by opening the drain valve and cleaning it using the bleach water solution. You can also ask a plumber from EZ Leak Detection for water heater maintenance or repair services in Los Angeles.

Check Water Heater Frequently

If you want to keep using your water heater in the long run, ensure checking up the water heater frequently. See if any part of the water heater is cracked, loose, or accumulated sediment anywhere in the corners. Homeowners should also actively monitor any malfunction or failures in their water heater to mitigate any big trouble prior.

Respond Quickly

During an emergency or severe leakage, turn off the main water supply. Call a plumber or a technician from EZ Leak Detection for a water heater repair service in Los Angeles for immediate support. Stay away from the site if exposed to electric connections. Such precautions can keep you and your family members safe.


If you do not wish to face water heater leakage, ensure its proper maintenance. Drain your water heater and change the anode rod once a year along with cleaning every component thoroughly. Repeating this process can keep your water heater in good condition.


Troubleshooting a leaky water heater is sometimes easy. But in most events, people are required to call a plumber or water heater expert if the situation has reached beyond their control. Calling professionals from EZ Leak Detection can help you tackle problems because they have expertise and experience tackling numerous plumbing issues. Their water heater repair and maintenance services are affordable and easily available in Los Angeles.


My carpets were damp without any visible water spillage. So, I contacted EZ for emergency services because I was completely unaware of why this was happening. The professionals demonstrated extensive knowledge and quickly identified the root cause of the issue, offering prompt slab leak repair solutions. Thank you for relieving my stress and repairing the slab leak instantly.

– Ricky Watts

I recently had water leak issues. I first called a nearby plumber to fix the problem, but the leak still persists. I was frustrated with the constant dripping sound. So, finally, I called EZ. The team showed up on time and gave a precise repair solution for water leak. They fixed it right the first time. Thank you for your help!

– Mattie Cain

The appointment was arranged easily and on short notice, and their experienced plumber in Riverside reached my doorsteps in just 60 minutes. A Perfect Experience! Their services deserve to be recommended throughout Riverside county. Fast, clean work, I will call them again with my plumbing needs.

– Crystal Clark


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