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How to Choose the Best Plumber in Orange County for Every Job


Plumbing is inevitable. Sooner or later you will have some plumbing problems which require some attention. However, since you get to choose which plumbing company to employ, these tips will help you choose the best plumbers in Orange County.

Free consultation and Estimation

Free consultation and estimation are among premium industry practices. No company that is worth its salt will charge you for consultation or initial estimation. Nevertheless, you also need to pay attention to the accuracy of their estimation as well. If the final bill and the initial estimation do not match by a significant margin your plumbers were not prudent enough. A good plumber in Orange County will know the current rates of plumbing items and calculate close enough estimate. You can also safely assume that since they do not know such basic stuff they do not know advanced stuff as well. We advise you to cross-check the given estimation yourself if you can or hold them accountable for it after the job.

Tools and Technology

If your plumber does not have the current and updated tools and technology, you might want to rethink your judgment about the company. Plumbing success tremendously depends on the quality of tools used in the process. Let us illustrate that with an example. Your plumber can use a number of tools for detecting a leak. But if he only uses an old inspection camera it might very well be unable to find out the entire extent of the leak. Therefore, every decent leak-detecting company uses multiple methods and integrated software to analyze pressure, water, and decay so that they can verify the empirical data properly. Ask your plumbers what tools they are using and if they are updated.

Emergency service and response time

Emergency service is a no-bargain benchmark of any good company. Plumbing problems by their very nature are time-sensitive. That is why it requires prompt action and proactive resolution within a few hours. Good plumbing companies take a few hours. The better ones would take 60-90 minutes at maximum. The lower the response time the better. Emergency teams are also important. You have to understand, they must carry at least 90% of their tools with them. Even if they arrive early but without decent equipment, your job will be time-consuming regardless. Lastly, companies with emergency plumbing in Orange County must also have the right person with good intuition in the teams. The first few hours of any plumbing problem are critical. Any problem that is not identified or is unresolved will come back to haunt you later.

Availability of products

Any 24 hour plumber in Orange County, CA can claim to be the best plumbers but what good is it if they cannot manage the right items for the right job? This is absolutely important for distinguishing the bad apples. Better plumbing companies will have all the commonly known brands available at their shop all the time. If you want something other than that, they need to have the ability to source that within a day or a few days at maximum. This will also show that they have good relations and networking with their dealers which will further prove the claim of their professionalism and credibility.


Better companies have enough credentials to back up their claims. Emergency plumbing services are required to have certain licenses and certifications to operate their business. You need to ask them if they have them and if they can in fact show them. With the right license in hand, they can be 100% trustworthy. Now you want to know if they have won an award or if their plumbers have gone through a special program. It’s also a good sign if they have a team dedicated to specific plumbing issues. Always remember that specialized plumbers are always better than general plumbers.

Fees and rates

No matter how exclusive anyone claims to be, their fees and rates need to be within an affordable range. This suggests a competitive mentality and care for the community. Now rates of residential plumbing may vary but it should not be so much that it becomes impossible to pay. The overall attitude towards payment is also a great indicator. Watch how they accommodate your need with their payment system. Do they offer flexibility in payment? Do they have to charge any hidden bills right after the completion? Can they accept all insurance companies? The more customer-oriented their payment process is the better it will be.


Experience is the greatest of arbitrators. Experience and traditions are important in business. If all things remain the same, always choose the company with more pedigree and experience. At least a decade of experience is absolutely necessary for tackling expensive plumbing projects. Always ask what significant job they have undertaken prior to this. This will give a mental map of how they will behave in your particular circumstance.

Guarantees and warranties

This is almost a no-brainer. If a plumbing company claims to be the best, it has to honor its warranties and guarantees 100% of the time. But there are also some other considerations. For example, if they offer post-service maintenance or not is always good to know. Some companies offer several months of guarantees on any work they do. The products they sell should come with long-term warranties as well. Look for little benefits amongst their policies and services. The more benefits they give the better they should be.

Independent reviews

Independent reviews are a good marker for finding out the best plumbers in Orange County. Before hiring anyone, check their reviews on yelp, HomeAdvisor, etc. Every decent company has a listing with reviews underneath. Read them and decide for yourself.

If you follow all or even some of these tips you will always hire the best plumbers for the job.
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