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How Long Do Water Heaters Usually Last?

How Long Do Water Heaters Usually Last?

You use a lot of electrical appliances in your daily routine. These appliances make your life easier, and you can’t imagine your life without them. Like, in winters you cannot live without water heaters because of the hot water they give to you. So, it is your responsibility to take care of the appliance. Otherwise, they will get damaged.

These appliances are very fragile, and they need proper care. You have to take a few precautions before using them. Else, their lifespan can be reduced, which will not be good for you. Also, you cannot live one day without them; otherwise, your daily routine goes upside down.

Imagine what if your water heater gets damaged, how you will survive without hot water in this cold weather. Electrical appliances like these are very crucial, and they should be protected and repaired in time so that you don’t face any difficulty.

So, today, we will discuss how long electrical appliances like water heaters usually last and what all measures you can do to improve these appliances’ lifespan and protect it from damages.

How Long Do Water Heaters Usually Last Depends On Its Type

The lifespan of water heaters varies with their different types. There are different types of water heaters which are available in the market. You can purchase them according to which water heater you require at your home. There are tank water heaters as well as tankless water heaters available.

  • Tank Water Heater: If we talk about tank water heaters, then they can last up to 10 to 15 years. They need proper maintenance and care, then they last up to 15 years and you’ll not have to spend much on repairing or maintaining them.
  • Tankless Water Heater: If we talk about tankless water heaters, then you will have to give them proper maintenance and will take care of them properly. They can last up to even 20 years or more. These heaters are very durable, and you can save a lot of your money as it is a one-time investment and it will work for you for at least two decades.

There are other types of water heaters as well, apart from the above-mentioned water heaters. But mainly these two are used in the residential areas. You use these heaters at your home, and they can last up to a given number of years. These are really good water heaters, and if you will take care of them, then they will give you numerous benefits for a longer period.

When A Water Heater Requires Repairing Or Replacement

There are many ways by which you can check if your water heater needs any repair or if it needs to be replaced. You should not overuse your heater as it can be harmful to you. There are times when you can even catch current if the water heater is not properly repaired or if it has any damages. So, you need to have regular checkups and there are many measures by which you can observe and recognize its damages and can call professionals for water heater maintenance services.


As we discussed, specific water heaters have a specific lifespan. So if your water heater is older than 1 and 1/2 decades, then there are chances that it needs to be replaced. You can get a checkup of your heater by any professional and can therefore do as they direct you to. Thus, it will not be harmful to you. But if it needs to be replaced, then you can replace it in no time.


There are times when your water heater starts making weird noises. If you observe any strange noises in your heater whenever you plug it on, then it requires repair or replacement services. You should not use a water heater which makes this type of noise as it can be harmful to you. And there are chances that you also catch current from it. So, to recognize this factor, you can call professionals so that they can give good services of water heater repair services in San Diego.


If you notice that your water heater is getting rust on its body or is getting any problem, you need to replace it. Rusted water heaters are not good for you, and they can be very harmful to your health. Therefore, you need to get water heater replacement services in San Diego as soon as possible to overcome rust or other problems.


If your water heater is leaking, you need to fix it as soon as possible. Electrical appliances with leaks are very harmful. The wiring issue can even become a reason for generating current in your whole house’s wiring system. So, this situation can be very dangerous and is not safe at all for you and your family. So, you need to keep a check on this thing, and if you see your water heater is leaking, you need to replace it or get it fixed by experienced plumbers.

Long Time In Heating Water:

If you observe that a water heater is taking a long time to heat, it needs to be repaired. Usually, water heaters don’t take much time in heating cold water because of their good heating abilities. So, if you see a change in the time duration in which your water heater is heating the cold water, you need to fix it with expert plumbers. With the help of professionals, you can even have amazing water heater replacement services in San Diego.

How Can You Make Your Water Heater Last Longer?

There are many ways by which you can make your water heaters last longer. If you do not take care of your water heater, it is very obvious that it will get damaged and you will need to spend money on it. This is not a good thing, as a lot of your money will be wasted if you will not take care of your items and keep a regular check on them. But, if you will do proper maintenance of your water heater system, they will last longer. Of course, no money of yours will be wasted on their repairing and replacement services.

Regular Checkups:

Regular check-up of anything is very important. You should go to your doctors for regular checkups, so that if you are having any health issues, then you can cure them in time. Thus, you can not get long-lasting health issues.

Similarly, your water heater requires regular check-ups as well. You can call professional services as they will not charge you much and your water heater can be treated well. Regular checkups are very important and once they are done, then you know what problems are there in your heater system or how you can prevent your water heater from getting any damage.

Water Treatment:

Water treatment is very important. If you live in an area where there is so much cold water or if water comes very cold, then you can install a water filter at your place. By this, your water heater will also be protected as it will have room temperature water to heat. And therefore, no damages will be provided to the inner body of your heater as there will be water of room temperature in it.


Please make sure that after you are done with the usage of water that came from your water heater, you flesh off all the remaining water. Do not store water in your water heater tank for a very long time as it can be harmful and damage it internally. Water heaters should have water for very little time and you should only turn them on when you want to use them in showering or washing anything. Please do not store water in the tank as it is not good for their lifespan and can also be harmful to their wiring and inside the structure.

Anode Replacement:

Keep track of the regular checkups of the electrical items of your water heater. And, after the usage of two to three years, do change the anodes of your water heater as they can have rust on them. So please do not use the rusted anodes and replace them after some years of usage. It is better to replace the rusted anodes so that your heaters can last longer and don’t have any damages.

Sponge Hands:

You should always touch electrical appliances like water heaters with sponge hands. Do not ever touch them with cold hands as it can generate current in the switches and you can catch it. If you regularly touch it with your cold hands, then it will be very harmful to your things and it can even get damaged. All these reasons can become a major reason for a problem in the water heater’s wiring which will cost you very much. So, it is advised that you should not touch it with your cold hands so that it cannot get damaged and you should also be protected.


In a nutshell, we only say that the water heaters are electrical appliances that need proper maintenance from time to time. These appliances are of good use to you, and when you need them, like in winters, there is a vital need for water heaters at home. So, you need to keep a check on them regularly so that you do not get any inconveniences at this time when you need them the most.

Also, as we discussed, there are many measures that if you do, then you can make your water heaters last longer. Also, you can recognize the damages to your water heaters in less time so that these problems cannot affect them for a longer period, and your water heaters can be repaired easily. But if you observe any kind of issue in your water heater, immediately hire the professionals for water heater repair services in San Diego and make it work again.

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